Rest Well Loved One

Rest well my loved one, your task is done,
And great Is the honor that you have won,
You were first to answer your Country's call,
And with a gallant smile you left us all.

We know it was hard to say good-bye,
To loves ones here and away to fly,
The ocean blue to lands afar,
But this was the fight to end all war.

So away you flew and went into the fight,
With all your love for Freedom and Right,
You sought to destroy the evil powers in the land,
And come home where reigned peace and goodwill toward man.

But God decided such a Soldier as you,
Was needed in Heaven for you had proved true,
Possessing those things God wants in His men,
Faith, Courage and Loyalty to fight against sin.

So rest well Dear Loved One, we'll carry on here below,
Each doing his job and by this our love show,
And we'll never forget you or your brave deed,
For it's you and boys like you who will win our peace.

Written by Juanita Holland,
for her brother-in-law 1Lt Bob M. White USAAF KIA 1944.