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The Texas World War One Gold Star Honor Roll was established in 2014 and honors the more than 5,000 Texans who served in the armed forces of the United States Of America and who died in support of the war effort at home and at sea and in foreign land, 1 Apr 1917 to 31 Dec 1920. The Honor Roll is made up of Remembrances (Rems), plaques memorializing the spirit, sacrifice, and commitment of these Texans who gave all.

Pneumonia and Influenza

More than one half of our casualties were caused by influenza and pneumonia.  Many soldiers died in camps, base hospitals and aboard ships.  Here and overseas they 'Died Of Disease'.  The records I reference do not have the place of death. If the soldier died overseas, without any other supporting information, France is the location used.  Some may have died en route to France aboard ship, it took 9 to 11 days New York to Brest, and had to be buried at sea, or may have been put off ship at a port other than France, like Glasgow, Scotland for instance.  The next of kin was notified and given the particulars of the soldier's death and this may have been reported to a newspaper as well.  An obituary or newspaper article could be the best source to find a soldier's death details.  Unfortunately, many of their government records were destroyed by fire and water.

You may Help

If you want to make a request for a veteran that was missed or if you see an error please send via email 📫.  You may respectfully use copies of the remembrances.

HELP⚠ There are near 500 veterans on this honor roll that their burial location is not found, e.g. Note1 and Note3, in listing, see the 'Unlocated' page. If you can help in this regard then please send the information to me via email 📫. Your contribution will be noted and appreciated.

Remembrances last updated 2 Jul 2021, 99% complete.