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"I was unsuccessful finding the.."

 1  Note1 = "..burial location for this veteran."
 2  Note2 = "..death location for this veteran."
 3  Note3 = "..death and burial location for this veteran."
 4  Note4 = "..date of birth for this veteran."
 5  Note5 = "..birth location for this veteran."
 6  Note6 = "..birth date and birth location for this veteran."
 7  Note7 = "..cause of death for this veteran."
 8  Note8 = "..date and location of induction/enlistment for this veteran."

Texas WW1 Honor Roll

Key to "Casualty Status" Abbreviations:

DOD = "Died of Disease. Those who suffered fatal sickness, as opposed to WOUNDS."
[No Purple Heart awarded]

DNB = "Died Non-Battle. Other line-of-duty deaths, such as from homicide, suicide or
accidents outside combat areas [including training and manuever deaths]." [No Purple Heart awarded]

DOA = "Died of Accident. [Category used in the book Soldiers of the Great War instead of DNB]." [No Purple Heart awarded]

DOW = "Died of Wounds. Persons who were wounded in battle and later died."
[An automatic Purple Heart awarded]

KIA = "Killed in Action. An individual who was killed in action, whether at the front or by enemy action in the rear areas, or if a prisoner of war, whether by air bombardment of his prison camp or by being shot while escaping. [An automatic Purple Heart awarded]

MIA = "Missing in Action/Missing. A casualty classification assigned to combatants, military chaplains, combat medics, and prisoners of war who are reported missing during wartime or ceasefire. They may have been killed, become prisoners of war, wounded, lost at sea, or deserted. If deceased, neither their remains nor grave has been positively identified. Becoming MIA has been an occupational risk for as long as there has been warfare or ceasefire." [Not an automatic Purple Heart awarded]

Texas WW1 Honor Roll

Purple Heart and World War One Victory Medals (ribbons only shown)

The Purple Heart medal phribbon can legally be authorized to only three groups of personnel:
    First, those wounded or injured as a direct result of hostile enemy action.

    Second, those wounded or injured as a direct result of friendly fire (FF). (Broadly speaking, FF occurs only during a hostile encounter or initiative with, or in response to, an enemy when someone on your side mistakes you for the enemy.) Or when injured by your own non-projectile weapon (bayonet, sword, blunt instrument, etc.) or projectile weapons fire (bullet, explosive device, etc) while engaging, responding to or attacking an enemy.

    Third, POWs injured or wounded as a result of individually directed conflict or punishment with their captor in violation of any article of the Geneva Convention Rules of Warfare Concerning the Treatment of Prisoners of War whether or not the captor's government is a signatory to the Convention.

The World War One Victory medal ww1victory can legally be authorized to personnel serving in any military branch in dates 6 Apr 1917 to 11 Nov 1918, even one day.