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"Contributors, I am grateful.."

I am grateful to the many contributors listed below and on Find A Grave without whom the final resting place of the veterans would be unknown on the remembrances. I am also thankful for the many people working at the government cemeteries keeping the records and grounds, especially the American Battle Monuments Commission cemeteries. I am 100% positive that I have made errors, therefore I welcome email suggestions, corrections, and help. HELP⚠ There are over 400 veterans on this website that their burial location is not found, e.g. Note1 and Note3, in listing see the Unlocated page.. If you can help in this regard then please send the information to me via email 📫. Your contribution will be noted* and appreciated.

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 Steve Quarella  6/4/2021  Found burial of Guston K. Smith  Added 6/6/2021
 Cyrus Paulus  6/19/2019  Found missed veteran Will Banks Jr.  Added 7/10/2019
 Terri Mirka  10/14/18  Found burial of Walter Ganzert  Added 10/15/18
 Terri Mirka  10/14/18  Reported error on Charlie Curry's Regt  Corr. 10/15/18
 Gina Heffernan  8/28/18  Found burial of Joseph H. W. Crawford  Added 8/29/18
 Carla Clifton  8/22/18  Found burial of Jonah Davis  Added 8/23/18
 Sylvia Tongson  8/22/18  Found missed veteran John Burks  Added 8/22/18
 Nancy Almaguer  8/21/18  Found burial of Kate Dodson  Added 8/22/18
 Sylvia Tongson  8/11/18  Found pod for vet Taylor H. Nance  Added 8/11/18
 Stanley Miller  8/8/18  Found missed veteran Ed Palmer  Added 8/9/18
 Terri Mirka  7/24/18  Found missed veteran Mary B. Cardwell  Added 7/25/18
 Terri Mirka  7/24/18  Found missed veteran Travis L. Snow  Added 7/25/18
 Terri Mirka  7/24/18  Found burial of Albert S. Harper  Added 7/25/18
 Terri Mirka  7/20/18  Found burial of Will Hollins  Added 7/20/18
 Terri Mirka  7/20/18  Found burial of Atchison Scott  Added 7/20/18
 Terri Mirka  7/20/18  Found missed vet William C. Clarke  Added 7/20/18
 Terri Mirka  7/12/18  Found missed vet Rene J. Titus not burial  Added 7/13/18
 Sylvia Tongson  7/6/18  Found missed vet John W. Fuchs  Added 7/6/18
 Terri Mirka  7/5/18  Found missed vet Lonnie Burdett  Added 7/6/18
 Terri Mirka  7/2/18  Found missed vet John G. Ford  Added 7/2/18
 Lucie Aubert  6/30/18  Found missed vet Thomas Walker  Added 6/30/18
 Lucie Aubert  6/22/18  Found unit error on Jasper R. Sanders  Corr. 6/22/18
 Sylvia Tongson  6/22/18  Found burial of James H. Hughes  Added 6/22/18
 Sylvia Tongson  5/24/18  Found burial of Claude O. Nicholson  Added 5/24/18
 Sylvia Tongson  5/24/18  Found burial of Vernon Holland  Added 5/24/18
 Sylvia Tongson  5/6/18  Found missed veteran Lewis Wiggins  Added 5/7/18
 Sylvia Tongson  5/4/18  Found missed veteran Earl Fry  Added 5/4/18
 Terri Mirka  4/26/18  Found missed veteran Charles Pinckney  Added 4/27/18
 Terri Mirka  4/25/18  Found missed veteran Rogers Goree  Added 4/25/18
 Terri Mirka  4/25/18  Found error on Arcadio Donley Jr.  Corr. 4/25/18
 Kristin Spalding  4/23/18  Found burial of Jeff M. Tucker  Added 4/23/18
 Sylvia Tongson  2/26/18  Found burial of Robert Lee Wilson  Added 2/27/18
 Mike Jaska  1/18/18  Found burial of Bill Williams  Added 1/19/18
 Steve Quarrella  7/27/17  Found burial of Hugh Woodin  Added 7/27/17
 Greg Bailey  7/20/17  Found record of Coney Woodman  Added 7/21/17
 Greg Bailey  7/20/17  Found Other for Willford McFadden Jr.  Added 7/21/17
 Greg Bailey  7/20/17  Found record of John Matthews  Added 7/21/17
 Greg Bailey  7/20/17  Found Other for Hubert Florence  Added 7/21/17
 Greg Bailey  7/20/17  Found record of Romeo Cox  Added 7/21/17
 Greg Bailey  7/20/17  Found record of Richard Bull  Added 7/21/17
 Greg Bailey  7/20/17  Found record of Vories Brown Jr.  Added 7/21/17
 Greg Bailey  7/20/17  Found record of Ferdinand Regenbrecht  Added 7/21/17
 Milena Kolarikova  7/18/17  Found record of Dominick Naplava  Added 7/19/17
 Sylvia Tongson  6/22/17  Found burial of Thomas J. Hines  Added 6/23/17
 Sylvia Tongson  6/22/17  Found record of Burton Carpenter  Added 6/23/17
 Pat Stephenson  6/13/17  Found record of Austin Reed  Added 6/14/17
 Sylvia Tongson  6/12/17  Found record of Guy Crawford  Added 6/13/17
 Sylvia Tongson  6/12/17  Found record of James Bryant  Added 6/13/17
 Sylvia Tongson  6/12/17  Found record of Louis Ford  Added 6/13/17
 Sylvia Tongson  6/12/17  Found record of John Carter  Added 6/13/17
 Sylvia Tongson  6/12/17  Found record of Giles Greer  Added 6/13/17
 Sylvia Tongson  6/12/17  Found record of Samuel Fryar  Added 6/13/17
 Sylvia Tongson  6/12/17  Found burial of Norris E. Bell  Added 6/13/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Carl Poulsen  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Arthur Johnson  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Robert Crank  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Henry Anderson  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Lorne Goode  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Marion Stephens  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Sam Smith  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Eddie Pederson  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Wendell Morris  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of John Lee  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Lewis Lay  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of John Hill  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Frank Hawkins  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Ray Burkhart  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Charley Brelsford  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Arthur Brannan  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Joseph Bohne  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Jesse Bohne  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Charles Bohne  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Edgar Bennett  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of John Belt  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Thomas Batte  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Perl Beard  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found record of Joe Adams  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found burial of Claude Terry  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found burial of John Johnston  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  6/6/17  Found burial of Earl Ditzler  Added 6/8/17
 Stanley Miller  5/29/17  Found burial of Rudolph Fieseler  Added 5/31/17
 Stanley Miller  5/17/17  Found burial of Charles E Langlotz  Added 5/18/17
 Stanley Miller  5/16/17  Found burial of Henry Somohyl  Added 5/17/17
 Stanley Miller  5/8/17  Found burial of August L. Blackburn  Added 5/9/17
 Stanley Miller  5/7/17  Found burial of J. Porter Green  Added 5/8/17
 Cindy Yell  5/4/17  Found burial of Ransom O'Neil  Added 6/2/17
 BeNotForgot  5/1/17  Found burial for Joe Brown Jr.  Added 5/2/17
 Ronald  4/30/17  Found burial of Edgar A Baker  Added 5/2/17
 Christina Eleven  4/29/17  Found burial for Jimmie Giegas  Added 4/30/17
 Christina Eleven  4/29/17  Found burial for Thomas N Blackman  Added 4/30/17
 Cindy S Munson  1/6/17  Found burial of Thomas Hubbard  Added 4/29/17
 Christina Eleven  4/26/17  Found burial of Arthur Hathaway  Added 4/27/17
 Suzie Henderson  4/25/17  Found burial of William E. Wilson  Added 4/26/17
 Suzie Henderson  4/25/17  Found burial of Bedford Watts [Wasson]  Added 4/26/17
 Suzie Henderson  4/25/17  Found burial of Harry Loflin  Added 4/26/17
 Suzie Henderson  4/25/17  Found burial of Justice Blalock  Added 4/26/17
 Tina DeLong  4/25/17  Found burial of John Potter  Added 4/26/17
 Rhonda Bechhold  4/24/17  3 possible finds per email did not pan out  But thanks
 Christina  4/23/17  Found burial of Alfredo Apodaca  Added 4/24/17
 Christina  4/22/17  Found burial of Baylis Royster  Added 4/23/17
 Christina  4/22/17  Found burial of Ira C. Ogden  Added 4/23/17
 Christina  4/22/17  Found burial of Victor Flato  Added 4/23/17
 Christina  4/22/17  Found Bridgeport? for Charlie Eudaly  Added 4/23/17
 Christina  4/22/17  Found Galveston? for Joseph Crawford  Added 4/23/17
 Christina  4/22/17  Found burial of Connie Carter  Added 4/23/17
 Christina  4/21/17  Found burial of Vincent Blakeslee  Added 4/22/17
 Stanley Miller  4/4/17  Albert French listed in Texas E-F was not KIA  Removed 4/5/17
 Carol Anne Hoch  4/3/17  Add John E Taylor  Added 3/12/17
 Virginia Tijerina  1/28/17  Found burial of Jose Peres  Added 1/29/17
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