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Welcome! Howdy and thank you for visiting Texas Exceptional Gallantry.  These veterans of WW1 and WW2 have a connection to Texas by birth or by calling Texas home. Their gallantry and bravery excelled on the battlefields in Europe, Islands of the Pacific, and upon the seas and thus have been awarded America's highest medals for the same; The Medal of Honor, The Distinguished Service Cross, The Navy Cross, and The Silver Star.

  The Soldiers Grave by Pearl Rivers, Tread lightly, 'tis a soldiers grave, a lonely, mossy mound; and yet to hearts like mine and thine it should be holy ground. Speak softly, let no careless laugh, no idle, thoughtless jest, escape your lips where sweetly sleeps the hero in his rest. For him no reveille will beat when morning beams shall come; for him, at night, no tattoo rolls its thunders from the drum. Tread lightly! for a man bequeathed, ere laid beneath this sod, his ashes to his native land, his gallant soul to God.

  Lost and Found, Purple Heart Medals and other medals of valor are sometimes lost, stolen, misplaced, hocked at pawn shops and turn up in various ways. If you find a medal of valor that belongs to someone else, or if you see or hear of one for sale then contact to find out what you should do. There is also a non-profit in Vermont to contact Purple Hearts Reunited↗ for help in finding the recipient or the family of.

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