List of 254 Texas Counties plus Research Information

Of all the counties in Texas, 55 have County Seats by the same or similar names as the County, such as Hillsboro the County Seat of Hill County, and Brownwood the County Seat of Brown County.

Of all the counties in Texas, there are county names beginning with every letter in the alphabet except two, "Q & X", more begin with the letter "C", 27, than any other letter, and the letter "I" is the only letter with a single county beginning with it while all the other letters have two or more counties beginning with them.

Of all the counties in Texas, 14 were named after their original county seats. Of the remaining 240, 199 were named after people, and 27 were named after geographic features, such as rivers. The other 15 have miscellaneous names in English, Spanish, or Indian languages.

Of the 199 counties named after people:

Texas County  County Seat2019 County Pop.Area Sq. Mi.Year FormedCounty Named For  More Information
  AndersonPalestine59,0251,0711846K.L. Anderson (1805-45)  4th vice president of Texas
  AndrewsAndrews19,2791,5011876Richard Andrews (1800-1835)  Texian soldier killed at Battle of Concepcion
  AngelinaLufkin90,9898021846the Angelina River ♦Angelina ('little angel'), Spanish missionaries' nickname for a woman of the Hasani tribe
  AransasRockport23,7102521871the Aransas River ♦Aranzazu is a Spanish Basque word meaning 'thorny place'
  ArcherArcher City9,2289101858Branch T. Archer (1790-1856)  Republic speaker of the House, secretary of war, commissioner to the U.S.
  ArmstrongClaude2,0019141876a Texas pioneer family, now unknown ♦ ♦
  AtascosaJourdanton50,8981,2321856the Atascosa River ♦Spanish for 'boggy'
  AustinBellville32,0676531836Stephen F. Austin (1793-1836)    Empresario, Texian commander-in-chief, Republic secretary of state, commissioner to the U.S.
  BaileyMuleshoe7,1138271876Peter James Bailey III (1812-36)  Alamo defender
  BanderaBandera23,1297921856the Bandera Mountains ♦Spanish for 'flag'
  BastropBastrop89,5648881836Baron de Bastrop (1759-1827)   ♦Felipe Enrique Neri, Colonial official
  BaylorSeymour3,7518711858Henry W. Baylor (1818-54)   ♦Texas Ranger
  BeeBeeville33,4718801857Barnard E. Bee Sr. (1787-1853)  Republic cabinet official and ambassador
  BellBelton359,2551,0591850Peter H. Bell (1812-98)  3rd governor of Texas, Texian soldier, U.S. Congressman
  BexarSan Antonio1,997,4171,2471836Bejar, the hometown of the Spanish viceroy ♦ ♦
  BlancoJohnson City12,1597111858Blanco River ♦Spanish for 'white'
  BordenGail6808991876Gail Borden Jr. (1801-74)  News publisher and inventor
  BosqueMeridian19,0629891854Bosque River ♦Spanish for 'woods'
  BowieBoston96,3808881840James 'Jim' Bowie (1796-1836)  Alamo defender and co-commander
  BrazoriaAngleton380,4391,3871836the county seat ♦Named for the Brazos River
  BrazosBryan230,7895861841the Brazos River ♦Spanish for 'arms'
  BrewsterAlpine9,0926,1931887Henry P. Brewster (1816-84)  Texian soldier, interim Republic secretary of war, state attorney general
  BriscoeSilverton1,5729001876Andrew Briscoe (1810-49)  Texian soldier and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence
  BrooksFalfurrias7,1159431911James A. Brooks (1855-1944)  Texas Ranger
  BrownBrownwood38,9939441856Henry S. Brown (1793-1834)  Texian soldier in the Battle of Velasco
  BurlesonCaldwell18,3736661846Edward Burleson (1798-1851)  Texian army commander, 2nd vice president of Texas
  BurnetBurnet48,7169951852David G. Burnet (1788-1870)  Interim president, 2nd vice president, 1st state secretary of state
  CaldwellLockhart43,1995461848Matthew Caldwell (1798-42)  Texian soldier and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence
  CalhounPort Lavaca22,0285121846John C. Calhoun (1782-1850)    U.S. Senator, vice president, secretary of war
  CallahanBaird14,0708991858James H. Callahan (1812-56)  Texas Ranger
  CameronBrownsville426,2109061848Ewen Cameron (1811-43)  Texas Republic soldier
  CampPittsburg12,9141981874John L. Camp (1828-91)  Texas state senator
  CarsonPanhandle5,9519231876Samuel P. Carson (1798-1838)  Interim secretary of state, Congressman from North Carolina
  CassLinden30,4519381846Lewis Cass (1782-1866)  U.S. Senator from Michigan
  CastroDimmitt7,3808981876Henri Castro (1786-1865)  Republic of Texas empresario
  ChambersAnahuac44,2985991858Thomas Jefferson Chambers (1802-65)  Pre-revolution surveyor and attorney
  CherokeeRusk53,5391,0521846the Cherokee tribe ♦ ♦
  ChildressChildress7,0387101876George C. Childress (1804-41)  Texas Declaration of Independence author and signer
  ClayHenrietta10,3511,0981857Henry Clay (1777-1852)    Kentucky, U.S. Senator and secretary of state
  CochranMorton2,9047751876Robert E. Cochran (1810-36)  Alamo defender
  CokeRobert Lee3,3908991889Richard Coke (1829-97)  U.S. Senator, 15th governor
  ColemanColeman8,1911,2731858Robert M. Coleman (1799-1837)  Texian soldier and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence
  CollinMcKinney1,033,0468481846Collin McKinney (1766-1861)  Texas Declaration of Independence author and signer
  CollingsworthWellington2,8539191876James Collinsworth (1806-38)  Texas Declaration of Independence signer, soldier, int. Rep. Sec. of State, Chief Justice
  ColoradoColumbus22,2839631836the Colorado River ♦Spanish for 'red'
  ComalNew Braunfels156,3175621846the Comal River ♦Spanish for 'basin'
  ComancheComanche13,8789381856the Comanche tribe ♦ ♦
  ConchoPaint Rock2,7169921858the Concho River ♦Spanish for 'shell'
  CookeGainesville40,4778741848William G. Cooke (1808-47)  Soldier in the Revolution and Republic, secretary of war
  CoryellGatesville75,1371,0521854James Coryell (1803-37)  Texian soldier and explorer
  CottlePaducah1,3549011876George Washington Cottle (1811-36)  Alamo defender
  CraneCrane4,6787861887William C. Crane (1816-85)  President of Baylor University
  CrockettOzona3,4612,8081875David 'Davy' Crockett (1786-1836)    Alamo defender, U.S. Congressman from Tennessee, folk hero
  CrosbyCrosbyton5,7029001876Stephen Crosby (1808-69)  State general land office commissioner
  CulbersonVan Horn2,2113,8131911David B. Culberson (1830-1900)  U.S. Congressman from Texas
  DallamDalhart7,0531,5051876James W. Dallam (1818-47)  Legal scholar
  DallasDallas2,647,5768801846George M. Dallas (1792-1864)  11th U.S. vice president (under Polk)
  DawsonLamesa12,7209021876Nicholas M. Dawson (1800-42)  Texian officer at San Jacinto
  Deaf SmithHereford19,5721,4971876Erastus 'Deaf' Smith (1787-1837)  Texian soldier, Alamo courier
  DeltaCooper5,2952771870the county's triangular shape ♦ ♦
  DentonDenton886,5638881846John B. Denton (1806-41)  Indian fighter
  DeWittCuero20,6119091846Green DeWitt (1787-1835)  Empresario
  DickensDickens2,1199041876James R. Dimpkins (unk-1836)  Alamo defender
  DimmitCarrizo Springs9,7091,3311858Philip Dimmitt (1801-41)  Texian soldier, Alamo scout
  DonleyClarendon3,2289301876Stockton P. Donley (1821-71)  State Supreme Court justice
  DuvalSan Diego10,9071,7931858Burr H. DuVal (1809-36)  Texian soldier, killed at Goliad
  EastlandEastland18,3079261858William M. Eastland (1806-1843)  Texian soldier and Texas Ranger
  EctorOdessa167,3839011887Matthew D. Ector (1822-79)  U.S. Congressman and Confederate general
  EdwardsRocksprings1,9592,1201858Hayden Edwards (1771-1849)  Empresario, declared Republic of Fredonia
  El PasoEl Paso852,2241,0131848a local mountain pass ♦El Paso del Norte, Spanish for 'the northern pass'
  EllisWaxahachie188,4649401849Richard Ellis (1781-1846)  Declaration of Independence signer, Republic Senator
  ErathStephenville43,0421,0861856George B. Erath (1813-91)  Texian soldier, Republic congressman, state legislator
  FallsMarlin17,4017691850waterfalls on the Brazos River ♦ ♦
  FanninBonham36,2308921837James W. Fannin Jr. (1805-36)  Goliad martyr
  FayetteLa Grange26,3289501837Marquis de La Fayette (1757-1834)  American Revolutionary War general
  FisherRoby3,8599011876Samuel Rhoads Fisher (1794-1839)  Texas Declaration of Independence signer, secretary of navy
  FloydFloydada5,5359921876Dolphin W. Floyd (1804-36)  Alamo defender
  FoardCrowell1,1397071891Robert L. Foard (1831-98)  Texas officer in Confederate army
  Fort BendRichmond805,7888751837blockhouse (small fort) on a river bend ♦ ♦
  FranklinMount Vernon10,7912861875Benjamin C. Franklin (1805-73)  Texian soldier, Republic judge, state legislator
  FreestoneFairfield20,6218851850a stone used in masonry ♦Peaches were not grown in Texas until 25+ years after the county was named.
  FrioPearsall19,1031,1331858the Frio River ♦Spanish for 'cold'
  GainesSeminole21,1701,5021876James T. Gaines (1776-1856)   ♦Texas Declaration of Independence signer, Republic senator
  GalvestonGalveston339,9313991838the county seat ♦Viceroy Bernardo de Galvez
  GarzaPost6,1158961876Jose Antonio de la Garza (1776-1851)  prominent San Antonio family
  GillespieFredericksburg27,3751,0611848Robert A. Gillespie (1815-46)  Texas Ranger
  GlasscockGarden City1,3699011887George Washington Glasscock (1810-68)  Texian soldier, landowner, state legislator
  GoliadGoliad8,0078541836the county seat ♦Anagram of (H)idalgo, who inspired the Mexican War of Independence
  GonzalesGonzales20,7691,0681836the county seat ♦Mexican governor Rafael Gonzales
  GrayPampa21,9309281876Peter W. Gray (1819-74)  Texas legislator, supreme court justice, Confederate representative
  GraysonSherman135,6129341846Peter W. Grayson (1788-1838)  Texian soldier, Republic attorney general
  GreggLongview126,1162741873John Gregg (1828-1864)  Texas officer in Confederate army
  GrimesAnderson29,4667941846Jesse Grimes (1788-1866)  Texas Declaration of Independence signer, Republic senator, state legislator
  GuadalupeSeguin166,9617111846the Guadalupe River ♦Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexican icon
  HalePlainview33,1651,0051876John C. Hale (1806-36)  Texian soldier, killed at San Jacinto
  HallMemphis3,0179031876Warren D.C. Hall (1788-1867)  Texian soldier, Republic secretary of war
  HamiltonHamilton8,6418361856James Hamilton (1786-1857)  Governor of South Carolina, gave financial aid to the Republic
  HansfordSpearman5,3279201876John M. Hansford (unk-1844)   ♦Republic congressman and judge
  HardemanQuanah3,8566951858Bailey (1795-1836)   & Thomas J. Hardeman (1788-1854)    Republic officeholders
  HardinKountze59,1788941858William Hardin (1801-39)  Prominent citizens of Anahuac, Liberty, and Galveston
  HarrisHouston4,698,6551,7291836John R. Harris (1790-1829)  Settler and businessman
  HarrisonMarshall68,5598991839Jonas Harrison (1777-1836)  Texian soldier
  HartleyChanning5,8611,4621876Rufus K.(1825-71) and Oliver C. Hartley(1823-59)    State supreme court reporters
  HaskellHaskell5,6289031858Charles R. Haskell (1817-36)  Texian soldier, killed at Goliad
  HaysSan Marcos228,3646781848John C. Hays (1817-83)  Texas Ranger captain
  HemphillCanadian3,8389101876John Hemphill (1803-62)  Republic supreme court chief justice, U.S. Senator
  HendersonAthens82,9898741846James P. Henderson (1808-58)    Republic attorney general, secretary of state, 1st governor, U.S. Senator
  HidalgoEdinburg886,2941,5691852Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (1753-1811)  Inspired the Mexican War for Independence
  HillHillsboro37,0699621853George W. Hill (1814-1860)  Republic secretary of war, secretary of navy
  HockleyLevelland22,8629081876George W. Hockley (1802-51)  Texian soldier, Republic secretary of war
  HoodGranbury60,9844221866John B. Hood (1831-79)  Confederate officer from Texas
  HopkinsSulphur Springs37,3127851846David Hopkins (1825-1906)  family of settlers
  HoustonCrockett23,3811,2311837Sam Houston (1793-1863)  Gov. of Tennessee, Texian army commander, 1st and 3rd Pres., 7th Gov., U.S. Senator
  HowardBig Spring36,2949031876Volney E. Howard (1809-89)  State attorney general, U.S. Congressman
  HudspethSierra Blanca3,6804,5711917Claude B. Hudspeth (1877-1941)  State legislator, U.S. Congressman
  HuntGreenville97,8428411846Memucan Hunt Jr. (1807-56)  Republic minister to U.S., secretary of navy
  HutchinsonStinnett20,5508871876Anderson Hutchinson (1798-1853)   ♦Republic judge
  IrionMertzon1,5921,0521889Robert A. Irion (1804-61)  Republic secretary of state
  JackJacksboro9,2659171856Patrick C. (1808-44)   & William H. Jack (1806-44)    Texas revolutionaries and Republic congressmen
  JacksonEdna14,5618301836Andrew Jackson (1767-1845)  7th U.S. president
  JasperJasper35,7269381836William Jasper (1750-79)  Hero of the American Revolution
  Jeff DavisFort Davis2,4112,2651887Jefferson Davis (1808-89)    President of the Confederacy, U.S. secretary of war, Senator from Mississippi
  JeffersonBeaumont251,5909041836Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)    3rd U.S. president
  Jim HoggHebbronville5,0921,1361913James S. Hogg (1851-1906)  State attorney general, 20th governor
  Jim WellsAlice40,2048651911James B. Wells Jr. (1850-1923)  State judge and party boss
  JohnsonCleburne174,7777291854Middleton T. Johnson (1810-66)  Republic congressman, Texas Ranger
  JonesAnson19,6979311854Anson Jones (1798-1858)    4th Texas president, Republic secretary of state, surgeon in Texian army
  KarnesKarnes City15,5087501854Henry W. Karnes (1812-40)  Texian soldier at Battles of Bexar and San Jacinto
  KaufmanKaufman135,4107861848David S. Kaufman (1813-51)    U.S. Congressman from Texas
  KendallBoerne47,2846621862George W. Kendall (1809-67)  Texas Ranger and war correspondent
  KenedySarita3901,4571921Mifflin Kenedy (1818-95)  rancher
  KentJayton7599021876Andrew Kent (1798-1836)  Alamo defender
  KerrKerrville52,8291,1061856James Kerr (1790-1850)  Texas Ranger, Republic congressman
  KimbleJunction4,6041,2511858George C. Kimball (1803-36)  Alamo defender, led Gonzales relief force
  KingGuthrie2749121876William P. King (1820-36)  Alamo defender
  KinneyBrackettville3,5751,3641850Henry L. Kinney (1814-62)  Republic congressman, Mexican-American war soldier
  KlebergKingsville32,1358711913Robert J. Kleberg I (1803-88)  Texian solder at San Jacinto
  KnoxBenjamin3,6838541858Henry Knox (1750-1806)  1st U.S. secretary of war
  La SalleCotulla7,4261,4891858René Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle (1643-87)  French explorer
  LamarParis50,4409171840Mirabeau B. Lamar (1798-1859)  2nd Republic Pres., Texian soldier, Republic soldier, U.S. Amb. to Nicaragua
  LambLittlefield12,5651,0161876George A. Lamb (1814-36)  Texian soldier, died at San Jacinto
  LampasasLampasas21,3267121856the Lampasas River ♦Spanish for 'lillies'
  LavacaHallettsville20,4379701842the Lavaca River ♦Spanish for 'the cow'
  LeeGiddings17,4116291874Robert E. Lee (1807-1870)    Confederate general
  LeonCenterville17,5881,0721846Martin De Leon (1765-1833)  Empresario
  LibertyLiberty91,0981,1601836the county seat ♦English translation of the Spanish town 'Libertad'
  LimestoneGroesbeck23,7099091846the indigenous rock ♦ ♦
  LipscombLipscomb3,2089321876Abner S. Lipscomb (1789-1856)  Republic attorney general, state supreme court justice
  Live OakGeorge West12,1641,0361856the indigenous tree ♦ ♦
  LlanoLlano21,7849351856the Llano River ♦Spanish for 'plains'
  LovingMentone966731931Oliver Loving (1812-67)  trail driver
  LubbockLubbock308,8809001876Thomas S. Lubbock (1817-62)  Texian soldier, Texas Ranger, Confederate officer
  LynnTahoka6,1518921876William Linn (1819-36)  Alamo defender
  MadisonMadisonville14,1884701853James Madison (1751-1836)  4th U.S. president
  MarionJefferson9,7603811860Francis Marion (1732-95)  American Revolutionary War officer
  MartinStanton5,7319151876Wyly Martin (1776-1842)  Texian army officer, Republic Congressman
  MasonMason4,3019321858the county seat ♦Fort Mason, named for a casualty of the Mexican-American War
  MatagordaBay City36,2921,1141836the once-indigenous canebrakes ♦Spanish for 'thick bush'
  MaverickEagle Pass57,8881,2801856Samuel A. Maverick (1803-70)  Texian soldier, Texas Declaration of Ind. signer, mayor of San Antonio, Rep. & US congressman
  McCullochBrady8,3231,0691856Benjamin McCulloch (1811-62)  Texian soldier, Texas Ranger, Confederate general
  McLennanWaco255,4001,0421850Neill McLennan (1787-1867)  settler
  McMullenTilden7491,1131858John McMullen (1785-1853)  colonist
  MedinaHondo53,7941,3281848the Medina River ♦River named after Spanish engineer Pedro Medina
  MenardMenard2,1289021858Michel B. Menard (1805-56)  Declaration of Independence signer, Republic Congressman, founded city of Galveston
  MidlandMidland176,8149001885the county seat ♦Midway between Fort Worth and El Paso
  MilamCameron25,1851,0171836Benjamin R. Milam (1788-1835)  Led Texian volunteers in the Battle of Bexar
  MillsGoldthwaite4,8997481887John T. Mills (1817-71)  Republic supreme court justice
  MitchellColorado City8,5319101876Asa (1795-1865)   & Eli Mitchell (1797-1870)    Brothers, settlers, Texian soldiers, Republic officeholders
  MontagueMontague19,6959311857Daniel Montague (1798-1876)  Surveyor, land owner, state senator
  MontgomeryConroe604,3911,0441837Richard Montgomery (1738-75)  For Montgomery, Alabama
  MooreDumas21,0469001876Edwin W. Moore (1810-65)  Commander of Republic navy
  MorrisDaingerfield12,4282541875William W. Morris (1805-83)  State judge and legislator
  MotleyMatador1,2059891876Dr. Junius William Mottley (1812-36)  Texian soldier and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence
  NacogdochesNacogdoches65,0279471836the county seat ♦The Nacodoche tribe
  NavarroCorsicana52,0131,0711846Jose Antonio Navarro (1795-1871)    Signer of Texas Declaration of Independence, Republic Congressman
  NewtonNewton13,3179331846John Newton (1755-80)  American Revolution soldier
  NolanSweetwater14,2569121876Philip Nolan (1771-1801)  American filibuster in Texas
  NuecesCorpus Christi363,0498361846the Nueces River ♦Spanish for 'nuts'
  OchiltreePerryton10,2199181876William B. Ochiltree (1811-67)  Republic judge, secretary of treasury, U.S. Congressman
  OldhamVega2,1261,5011876William S. Oldham (1813-68)  Confederate Senator from Texas
  OrangeOrange82,4613561852an orange grove planted by settlers ♦ ♦
  Palo PintoPalo Pinto29,0089531856the Palo Pinto Creek ♦Spanish for 'painted stick'
  PanolaCarthage24,5868011846Choctaw for "cotton" ♦ ♦
  ParkerWeatherford141,0809041855Isaac Parker (1793-1883)  Texian soldier, Republic Congressman, state legislator
  ParmerFarwell9,5018821876Martin Parmer (1778-1850)  Early Texas rebel, Texas Declaration of Independence signer
  PecosFort Stockton15,0524,7641871the Pecos River ♦Spanish word of unknown origin and meaning
  PolkLivingston50,2931,0571846James K. Polk (1795-1849)    11th U.S. president
  PotterAmarillo116,0639091876Robert Potter (1800-42)  U.S. Congressman from Tenn, Texas Declaration of Independence signer, Rep. Sec. of Navy, Congressman
  PresidioMarfa6,5353,8561850Presidio del Norte ♦A Spanish fort across the Rio Grande
  RainsEmory12,4162321870Emory Rains (1800-78)  Republic senator, state legislator
  RandallCanyon139,0349141876Horace Randal (1833-64)  Confederate army colonel
  ReaganBig Lake3,8361,1751903John H. Reagan (1818-1905)  U.S. Congressman, Confederate cabinet member, state railroad commissioner
  RealLeakey3,4997001913Julius Real (1860-1944)  State legislator
  Red RiverClarksville11,6491,0501836the Red River ♦ ♦
  ReevesPecos16,1542,6361883George R. Reeves (1826-82)  State legislator, Confederate colonel
  RefugioRefugio6,8717701836the county seat ♦Mission Nuestra Senora del Refugio
  RobertsMiami8519241876Oran M.(1815-98)   & John S. Roberts(1796-1871)    brothers, 17th governor & Declaration of Independence signer
  RobertsonFranklin17,7088551837Sterling C. Robertson (1785–1842)  Empresario, signer of Texas Declaration of Independence, Texas Ranger, Republic Congressman
  RockwallRockwall103,3631291873the county seat ♦Subterranean rock formation
  RunnelsBallinger10,1211,0541858Hardin R. Runnels (1820-73)  6th governor
  RuskHenderson54,5269241843Thomas Jefferson Rusk (1803-57)    Texian general, Republic secretary of war and congressman, U.S. Senator
  SabineHemphill10,9174901836the Sabine River ♦Spanish for 'cypress'
  San AugustineSan Augustine8,4585281836the county seat ♦Viceroy Agustin de Ahumada
  San JacintoColdspring29,5065711870the battle of San Jacinto ♦river named after Saint Hyacinth
  San PatricioSinton66,6886921836San Patricio ♦Saint Patrick
  San SabaSan Saba6,2271,1341856the San Saba River ♦Saint Sabbas
  SchleicherEldorado2,8221,3111887Gustav Schleicher (1823-79)  State legislator, Confederate officer, U.S. Congressman
  ScurrySnyder16,6979031876William R. Scurry (1821-64)  Confederate general, Republic congressman, U.S. Congressman
  ShackelfordAlbany3,3829141858John 'Jack' Shackelford (1790-1857)  Texian army officer, survived Goliad massacre
  ShelbyCenter24,2497941836Isaac Shelby (1750-1826)  Governor of Kentucky, War of 1812 hero
  ShermanStratford3,0779231876Sidney Sherman (1805-73)  Texian army officer, Republic army officer, Republic congressman
  SmithTyler231,5169281846James Smith (1792-1854)  Texian army officer, Republic general, state legislator
  SomervellGlen Rose9,5691871875Alexander Somervell (1796-1854)  Texian soldier, Republic cabinet member, congressman, officer
  StarrRio Grande City63,6901,2231848James H. Starr (1809-90)  Republic secretary of the treasury, Confederate official
  StephensBreckenridge9,5568951858Alexander H. Stephens (1812-83)    Confederate vice president, U.S. Congressman from Georgia
  SterlingSterling City1,2549231891W. S. Sterling (unk-1881)   ♦Buffalo hunter and indian fighter
  StonewallAspermont1,3829191876"Stonewall" Jackson (1824-63)    Confederate general
  SuttonSonora3,6641,4541887John S. Sutton (c.1817-62)   ♦Republic army soldier, Texas Ranger
  SwisherTulia7,4399001876James G. Swisher (1794-1862)  Texian soldier, signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence
  TarrantFort Worth2,060,2398641849Edward H. Tarrant (1799-1858)  Republic congressman, state legislator, indian fighter
  TaylorAbilene139,0449161858Edward (1812-36)   & James (1814-36)   & George Taylor (1816-36)      Brothers who died at the Alamo
  TerrellSanderson7942,3581905Alexander W. Terrell (1827-1912)  Confederate officer, state legislator
  TerryBrownfield12,5448901876Benjamin F. Terry (1821-61)  Texas Rangers officer
  ThrockmortonThrockmorton1,4489121858William E. Throckmorton (1795-1843)  Settler, father of governor
  TitusMount Pleasant33,6904111846Andrew J. Titus (1814-55)  State legislator
  Tom GreenSan Angelo117,6131,5221874Thomas Green (1814-64)  Texian soldier, Republic congressman, secretary of state, Confederate general from Texas
  TravisAustin1,273,5549891840William B. Travis (1809-36)  Texian commander at the Alamo
  TrinityGroveton14,5306931850the Trinity River ♦Named after the Holy Trinity
  TylerWoodville22,7359231846John Tyler (1790-1862)  10th U.S. president
  UpshurGilmer41,2045881846Abel P. Upshur (1790-1844)    U.S. secretary of the Navy, secretary of state
  UptonRankin3,6191,2421887John C. (1828-62)   & William F. Upton (1832-87)    Brothers who were Confederate officers from Texas
  UvaldeUvalde26,7431,5571850Uvalde Canyon ♦Spanish general Juan de Ugalde
  Val VerdeDel Rio50,8533,1711885the Battle of Valverde ♦Spanish for 'green valley'
  Van ZandtCanton56,3768491848Isaac Van Zandt (1813-47)  Republic congressman and ambassador to the U.S.
  VictoriaVictoria91,3298831836the county seat ♦Guadalupe Victoria, 1st president of Mexico
  WalkerHuntsville75,9497881846Samuel H. Walker (1817-47)  Texas Ranger, firearm inventor
  WallerHempstead54,8225141873Edwin L. Waller (1800-81)  Texian soldier, signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, Austin city planner and mayor
  WardMonahans11,5308361887Thomas W. Ward (1807-72)  Texian soldier, mayor of Austin, state land office commissioner
  WashingtonBrenham35,5706091836George Washington (1732-99)    1st U.S. president
  WebbLaredo280,7753,3571848James Webb (1792-1856)  Republic cabinet official and congressman, state judge and secretary of state
  WhartonWharton41,2241,0901846William H.(1802-39)   & John A. Wharton(1828-65)    Father (diplomat, Texian soldier, commissioner to the U.S., Republic senator) and son (Confederate general)
  WheelerWheeler5,1789141876Royal T. Wheeler (1810-1864)  Republic and state Supreme Court justice
  WichitaWichita Falls132,9206281858the Wichita tribe ♦ ♦
  WilbargerVernon12,4659711858Josiah P. (1801-45)   & Mathias Wilbarger (1807-53)    Brothers. Josiah became famous for living 11 years after being scalpled
  WillacyRaymondville21,5665971911John G. Willacy (1859-1943)  State legislator
  WilliamsonGeorgetown589,2161,1241848Robert M. Williamson (1806-59)  Texian officer, Republic congressman and justice, state legislator
  WilsonFloresville52,1278071860James C. Wilson (1816-61)  Republic soldier, state legislator
  WinklerKermit7,9908411887Clinton M. Winkler (1821-82)  State legislator and judge, Confederate officer
  WiseDecatur69,6099051856Henry A. Wise (1806-76)  U.S. Congressman from Virginia, governor of Virginia, Confederate general
  WoodQuitman45,0846501850George T. Wood (1795-1858)  2nd governor
  YoakumPlains8,8298001876Henderson K. Yoakum (1810-56)  Texas historian
  YoungGraham19,0299221856William C. Young (1812-62)  Republic and U.S. soldier and U.S. marhsall
  ZapataZapata14,1969971858Antonio Zapata y Cisneros (1800-40)   ♦Post-Independence rebel against Santa Anna
  ZavalaCrystal City12,1161,2991846Manuel Lorenzo Justiniano de Zavala y Sáenz (1788-1836)  Empresario, Mexican governor, Texas Declaration of Independence signer, interim Republic vice-president
  TexasAustin29,001,602268,5961836Caddo indian word 'Tejas'  The origin of Texas's name is from the Caddo word táysha' meaning 'friends'.
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