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Eastland County Veterans’ Graves not including Eastland City Cemetery.
Compiled April 2021 by some Eastland High School students and sponsors.
Published here with permission as provided by Ms. Sandra Lehman, Principal EHS.

Alameda Cemetery -- FM 2214 to FM 571 north to CR 483 west
1. Jackie Wayne Adams Army, Korea
2. Samuel James Baron, Army, Korea
3. Andrew Jackson Blackwell, CSA
4. Homer Blackwell, Army, WWII
5. J.B. Blackwell, Army, WWII
6. J.G. Blackwell, CSA
7. Monroe Blackwell, Army, WWII
8. Carl Albert Boyer, Marine Corps, WWII & Korea
9. Joseph Kenneth Brown, Army, WWII
10. Charlie Buntin, Army, WWII
11. Roy Buntin, Navy, WWII
12. Charles Ray Burnett, Navy, WWII & Korea
13. Earl Elmer Burris, Jr., Army, WWII
14. John Arliss Champlin, Navy, WWII
15. Fred D. Clark, Air Force
16. Billy Boles Cooper, Army, Korea
17. Matt F. Davis, Jr., Army, WWII
18. William Robert DeShazo, Navy, WWII & Korea
19. Robert A. Duggan, Army, WWI
20. David Hale Dunson, Army, Vietnam
21. Thomas J. Fonville, Army, WWI
22. Kenneth Wayne Foreman, Army
23. Joshua Anderson Gammill, CSA
24. Tommy Dwayne Gibbs, Army, Korea
25. J. Truitt Grice, Army, WWII
26. Pink Haley, Army, WWII
27. Edward F. Harrison, Navy???
28. Ben Franklin Howard, Army
29. Erven Gene Hummel, Navy
30. Jesse Marvin Hunt, Navy
31. Wayne Morris Jackson, Air Force, Korea & Vietnam
32. William H. Kimbrough, Army, WWII
33. Lewis Monroe King, Army, WWII
34. Fred E. Lamb, Army, WWII
35. Edgebert Earl Lane, Army, WWII
36. Glen W. Lane, Navy, WWII
37. Burnell W. Lee, Army, WWII
38. Wesley Dean Lewis, Marine Corps, Korea
39. Arthur Lockhart, Army, WWI
40. Arthur H. Love, Army, WWI
41. Josiah Mansker, CSA
42. J.H. Martin, CSA?
43. Reginald P. McDowell, Army
44. Richard D. McDowell, Army
45. Timothy Ray McDowell, Army
46. Thomas E. Melton, CSA
47. Blanton H. Mosley, Army Air Forces, WWII
48. Bobby Lee Mosely, Air Force, WWII
49. Charles Pat Mosely, National Guard
50. Edward Lee Mosely, Navy, Vietnam
51. Fred Kenneth Mosely, Army, WWII
52. William Asa Moseley, Army, WWI
53. A.C. Myrick, CSA
54. Arthur Terrell Nicks,Jr., Army Air Forces, WWII
55. Raymond O’Neal, Army, WWII
56. Delmar F. Perrin, Army, WWII
57. H. Lamar Perrin, Army, WWII
58. Luther H. Perrin, Army
59. Theron Perrin, Army, Korea
60. Aften E. Pilgram, Army, WWII
61. Elsie L. Pigram, Navy, WWII
62. Wardley Pilgrim, Army, WWII
63. James Hanley Prestige, CSA
64. J.P. Quinn, Army, WWII
65. Thomas F. Quinn, Army, WWII
66. William R. Revels, Army
67. Alton Lester Rogers, Army
68. David L. Rogers, National Guard
69. James Douglas Rogers, Navy
70. Joe Harvey Rogers, Navy, WWII
71. Roy Dalton Rogers, Army, WWII
72. Isaac Peter Schmick, CSA?
73. Garrell Otis Simmons, Army, WWII
74. Gayland Clyde Snell, Marine Corps, Korea
75. Truman Earnest Snell, Army, WWII
76. William Glen Snell, Army, WWII
77. Charles Forrest Sparger, USNR
78. Edward Ralph Stewart, Army
79.James Woodward Taylor, Army, WWII
80. James Claude Tucker, Army, WWII
81. James Lee Tucker, Army, Vietnam
82. Archie L. Tudor, Navy
83. William Roland Tully, Jr., Navy, Vietnam
84. Charles Underwood, Army Air Forces, WWII
85. Howard W. Veal, Air Force, Korea
86. James S. Wallace, Army
87. Lynn Lezious Walton, Army, Korea
88. Dick Edward Williams, Navy, Vietnam
89. Jackie Richard Williams, Army
90. Edward Lee Woods, Army, WWII

Ames Family Cemetery -- north service road I20 Ranger
1. Frank C. Ames, WWI
2. James Berton Ames, Texas Motor Trans. Corps

Bollinger Cemetery aka Freedom Cemetery
1. Augustus Baldon Hoover, CSA

Bear Springs Cemetery -- east of Carbon FM 2526, north on CR 325
1. Euell Edwin Allison, Army Air Forces WWII
2. Bobby Jack Carlton, Army Korea
3. Lawrence Newman “Cap” Collins, Army WWII
4. Sam V. Collins, Army, WWII
5. Michael Wayne Garrison, Army
6. Danny Ray Hobbs ?, “enjoyed local VFW” from obit
7. Elmer Daniel Matheson, Army WWII
8. Ardis Leo Murray, USAF
9. Earl Dean Murray, USAF, Vietnam
10. Robert Floy Murray, Army WWII
11. Frederick Newell “Fred” Stirman Jr., Army WWII

Bedford Cemetery, north of Cisco Hwy 183, east on CR 156, north on CR 154
1. Richard Ricks Smith, Army, WWI

Bullock Cemetery 4 miles north of Ranger, FM 717
1. Claude Norval Adams, Army, WWII
2. Marvin D. Armstrong, Army, WWII
3. Martin Luther Bailey, Army, WWI
4. Thomas Rufus Bailey, Army, WWI
5. Edgar C. Barnes, Army, WWI
6. James Ephraim Barnes, CSA
7. Arnold Buck Basham, Army, WWII
8. Ardie Lavon Beck, Navy, Vietnam
9. Jerry Beck, Air Force
10. Jack Crockett Boney, Army, WWII
11. Winford jay Boney, Army, WWII
12. Daniel Wayne Boone, Army, WWII
13. Billy Don Browning, National Guard
14. James Odle Calvert, Army Air Corps & Air Force; WWII, Korea, & Vietnam
15. Alton Durwood Coffman, Navy, WWII
16. Charles Elmer Coffman, National Guard
17. Robert Lee Coffman, Army, Spanish American War
18. William Samuel Coffman, CSA
19. Lemauel Henry Davis, Army, WWII
20. Thomas H. Dempsey, Army, WWI
21. William Lee Freeman-????
22. Mack Funderburk, Marine Corps, WWII
23. Alton Renford Goforth, Army, WWII & Korea
24. Harvey Glenn Grigsby, Air Force, Korea
25. Rex Hatton, National Guard
26. Homer Lee Langford, Army, WWII
27. Thomas Carl McBay, Army & Navy, WWII
28. Bennie Edmund Miller, Navy, WWII
29. R.L. Miller, Army
30. Harry L. Milstead, Army, WWII
31. Clifford V. Pattillo, Army, WWI
32. Alton Jerry Patton, Air Force, Korea & Vietnam
33. Paul Edward Peacher, Army; WWII, Korea, & Vietnam
34. Jack Doyle Petree, Navy
35. Thomas Benton Piburn, Navy, WWII
36. H.C. Pool, CSA
37. Charles Newman Wheat, Army, WWI
38. Ralph Gary Wheat, Army, Korea
39. Glynn Wilson, Army, WWII
40. William Thomas Yates, CSA
41. Eugene Francis Yonker, ??, WWII

Carbon-Restland Cemetery
1. David James Allen, CSA?
2. John Henry Brown, Army, WWI
3. A.W. Gentry, Army, WWI
4. Weldon Bruce Gilbert, Marine Corps, Korea & Vietnam
5. Ambrose S. Latham, CSA
6. Ray Robert Murray, Army
7. Lawrence F. Parton, Army
8. Thomas Alfred Simmons, Army, WWI

Center Point Cemetery -- south of Carbon on FM 1027, southeast CR 413
1. William Stanley Carter, inducted July 22, 1918; discharged December 24, 1918
2. George Sam Maness, Army WWI
3. J.O. Mitchell, Army, WWII
possibly others, no grave photos for many

Colony Cemetery -- FM 101 east of Morton Valley
1. Claude C. Bearden, Army, WWI
2. Jack C. Bearden, Army, Korea
3. David A. Boyd, Air Force, Vietnam
4. Susie Rose Bratton, Army, WWII
5. Ferdinand W. Brown, Army, WWI
6. Adolphus Charles Cook, Marine
7. Allen A. Eakin, Army, WWII
8. J.D. Eakin, Army, WWII
9. James Voncile Eakin, Air Force; WWII, Korea, & Vietnam
10. Bill Eyley, Army Air Forces, WWII
11. Charles A. Eyley, Army Air Forces
12. George Thomas Guess, ARmy WWII
13. Jesse C. Hathcock, Army, WWII
14. Lowell G. Key, Army, WWII & Korea
15. Earl Samuel Lee, Army, WWI
16. George Wesley Moore,Jr., Army WWII
17. Odell Lester Orton, Army, WWII
18. Con F. Poynor, Air Force MIA Korea
19. Joe Earven Rose, Army, Korea
20. Willie L. Rose, Air Force, WWII & Korea
21. Earl F. Sims, Army, WWII
22. Cornelius Sybesma, Navy, Korea
23. Robert Eugene Sybesma, Army, Korea
24. L.D. Tarrant, Army, WWII
25. Raymond A. Tarrant, Marines, WWII

Cook Cemetery -- Private land south of Ranger
1. Harold H. Ainsworth, Army, WWII
2. Jessie Arnold Ainsworth, Army WWII
3. Larkin Clark Ainsworth, CSA?
4. Alex Frank Cook, CSA?

Corinth Baptist Church Cemetery -- north CR 154 off of Hwy 6 between Cisco and Eastland
1. Joe Ray Brown, Sr., National Guard
2. Seaborne E. Choate, CSA
3. Frank C. Deaton, CSA
4. Thomas Clayton Garvin, Army
5. Wayne William Giddings, National Guard
6. Wesley E. Gustafson, Navy, WWII
7. Stanley Hugh Guyett, Air Force, Vietnam
8. Samuel Augustus E. Hart, CSA
9. Thomas Cullen Hart, Army Air Forces, WWII
10. Muryle Earnest Harwell, Marine Corps, WWII
11. Kelly Hatten, Army, WWII
12. Wiley A. Hester, Army
13. Richard Walter Lindley, Army, WWII
14. Milton J. Luttrell, CSA
15. William J. Matthews, Army, WWI
16. Oscar I. Murry, Navy, WWI
17. Ernest Lee Sappington, Navy, WWII
18. Doyle D. Seabourn, Marine Corps, Korea
19. Forrest Douglas Seabourn, Air Force, Vietnam
20. Woodrow Wilson Seabourn, Army, WWII, Korea, Vietnam
21. Clifton Alton Stiles, Army, WWII
22. Clarence H. Tennyson, Army, WWII
23. Dale G. Trobaugh, Army, Korea
24. Bobby Louis White, Army, Korea
25. Thomas E. Yarbrough,Jr., Navy, WWII

Crossroads Cemetery -- 9 miles south of Ranger, FM 571
1. Jimmie Wayne Alexander-U.S. Army- SP4
2. S. Ross Davis-U.S.Army- PFC-World War I
3. H.C. Greenfield- U.S.Navy- World War II
4. Leslie Udell “Duck” Hale-MSGT- U.S. Air Force- Korea Vietnam
5. Horace Burdett Hitt-SGT- U.S. Army-World War II
6. Clarence Curtis Martin-S SGT- U.S. Army- World War II
7. J D “Buddy” Rogers- 1st SGT U.S. Army- World War II
8. Jasper Floyd Rogers-SGT U.S. Army- World War II
9. Thomas Nathaniel “Tuffy” Rogers- SGT U.S. Army- World War II
10. Dwellie Rose-Confederate Army- Civil War
11. Thurman Snow- U.S.Army- World War II
12. Bailey Lemley Woods-U.S. Army- Occupied Japan
13. Hai Lanier Roberts Jr.-U.S. Navy veteran- Korean Conflict

Curtis Cemetery -- Rising Star?
1. Daniel Boone Curtis-Civil War Cavalry Soldier

Dabney Family Cemetery
1. Nathan Ellis Dabney-Confederate States Army

Davenport Family Cemetery

Davidson Cemetery -- 6 miles south of I20 on Tudor Road
1. Bueford Edward Hunter-PFC U.S. Army-World War II
2. Waylon Peter Hunter-PFC Coast Arty Corps-World War II
3. Murry Randolph Myers-PVT U.S. Army-World War I

Desdemona Cemetery
1. Lawrence Raymond“Larry” Alread-U.S. Coast Guard
2. Roy Dalton “Andy” Anderson-HM2 U.S. Navy-World War I
3. William H Anderson-Confederate veteran
4. George Washington Bagley-OM3 U.S. Navy-World War II
5. Rex Bailey-PFC U.S. Army-World War II
6. Charlie M. Barfield-SP4 U.S. Army-Vietnam
7. Jim C. Bowlin-Texas Pvt 1cl. 356 inf. 89 Div.
8. Virgil Dexter Branham, Jr., Army, WWII
9. Donald Edward Brazell, Army, Korea
10. William Felton Brazell- Army, WWII
11. Robert Angelo Brown, Army
12. James Felton Carr, Army, WWII
13. Muriel C. Carroll, Jr., Marine Corps, Korea
14. Billy J. Clark, Army
15. Bobby Lee Clark, Navy, WWII & Korea
16. William Albert Clark, Army, WWII
17. William S. Craig, Jr.- Army, WWII
18. William S. Craig, Army, WWI
19. Alva Boyd Cunningham, Navy, WWII
20. P.J. Dabney, Army,WWII
21. Francis Marion Daniel- CSA?
22. Barney Page Davis, conscripted into CSA, deserted, and joined Union Army
23. Claiborne S. Eldridge- Navy, WWI
24. John Ray Fair, Army, Vietnam
25. Jack H. Ficklen, Army, WWII
26. Clyde M. Forman, Army, WWII
27. Austin Henry Graham, CSA
28. Hershel Wayne Griffith- retired master sergeant?
29. Robert James Guthery, Army, WWII
30. Frederick John Heydle- Army, WWII
31. James Edward Honeycutt- Army
32. R.P. Hooper, Army, WWII
33. Bob Lee Huff, Navy, WWII
34. Nicholas Keen, CSA
35. Willie L. Keith, Army, WWI
36. Bobby Jean Koonce, Army
37. Clyde Koonce, Army, WWII
38. James Elton Koonce, Army, Korea
39. Moody B. Koonce, Navy, WWII
40. Billy Paul Lewis, Air Force
41. Harold Edward Lewis, Army
42. Jesse Harlin Lewis, Navy, WWII
43. Charley Doyle Majors, Air Force
44. Billy Don Melton, Army, Korea
45. James Edward Miears, Navy?
46. Robert Wayne Mims, Navy, WWII
47. William Fletcher Mitcham, CSA?
48. Richard I. Mix, Navy, WWII
49. James Edward Moon, Navy, Korea
50. Edwin Graves Moorhead- Army, WWI
51. William Lewis Nabers, Army, WWII
52. William Jackson Nabors- CSA
53. Robert Wyatt Nicholson- Air Force, WWII, Korea & Vietnam
54. Steve Eugene Niles, Army
55. Andrew Jesse O’Rear- CSA
56. Druceil Owens, Navy,WWII
57. Guy E. Owens, Air Force
58. Weldon Owens, Navy, WWII
59. Charles E. Pack, Army Air Forces, WWII
60. Richard Melvin Pack, Army, WWII
61. O.C. Patty, Army, WWII
62. Clarence Earl Ragland- Army, WWI
63. Larry Dean Rainey, Army, Vietnam
64. Rodger Lynn Rainey, Air Force
65. T.J. Rainey, Army, WWII
66. Winfred Jack Rainey, Navy
67. Vestle Martin Reynolds- Army, WWI
68. Claude M. Ridens, Army, Korea
69. Newton E. Riley, Army Air Corps, WWII
70. Morgan Farrow Roberts- Marine Corps, WWII
71. Wendell A. Roseburrough, Army
72. Thomas R. Scitern, Navy, WWII
73. R.L. Sharp, Army, WWII
74. Drue Elmore Shelton, Army, WWII
75. Arthur D. Shoemaker, Army, WWI
76. William K. Tate, Army, WWII
77. Joseph Payton Terry, CSA?
78. Robert Quitman Waddill- Army, WWII
79. Oscar Thomas Walls, Army, WWI ??
80. Floyd Dowane Watts, Army, WWII
81. Arvel P. White, Army
82. Charles K. Williams, Air Force, WWII
83. Clayton H. Williams, Army, WWI
84. Debert E. Williams, Air Force, WWII
85. John Hugh Williams, CSA
86. Leo Clayton Williams, Navy, WWII
87. Tommy Williams, Air Force, Korea
88. Bobby D. Wisdom, Army, WWII
89.Frank Delco Wittie, Marine Corps, WWII
90. J.B. Wittie, Army, WWII
91. William T. Yardley, Navy, WWII
92. Clayton Ofaril Young, Army Air Corps, WWII

Dothan Cemetery -- west of Cisco FM 2945, CR 126 north
1. Claude Warner Brandon, Navy, WWII
2. Milton C. Donaway, Navy, WWII
3. Warren Vernon Donaway,Sr., Army, WWII
4. Jimmy Cecil Dorsey, Army
5. Daniel L. Dunaway, Army, WWII
6. Gordon Levi Dunaway, Army, Korea
7. Harlan Eugen Dunaway, Navy, WWII
8. James J. Dunaway, Army, WWI
9. James L. (Jack) Dunaway- Army
10. Jesse Luke Pippen, Navy, WWI
11. Benjamin Smith -CSA
12.Harley B. Stephens, Army, WWII
13. Hester W. Sublett, Army
14. Lowell Allan Sublett, Marines, WWII
15. Paul R. Sublett, Army, WWI
16. Kenneth F. Thames, Army, WWII

Ellison Spring Cemetery -- East of Gorman on Hwy 8, north on CR 422
none found

Elm Cemetery (Gorman) -- Southwest of Gorman; Hwy 8 to CR 365 southwest to CR 563 south
1. T.J. Armstrong, Army, WWII
2. Ezekial Brown, CSA
3. Joe Abner Clark, Navy, WWII
4. James B. Knight, Army, WWII
5. Joseph Ray Knight, Army, WWII
6. George Mason, Army, WWII
7. Martin Walker Tankersley, CSA

Elm Cemetery (Okra) -- FM 1027 south of Carbon, west on CR 375
1. Luther Dalton Bond, Navy, WWII
2. Edward Boles Burns, Army, WWI
3. Neal Douglas Burns, Army, WWII
4. Roy Gene Burns, Army, Vietnam
5. Billy Frank Claborn, Navy, WWII
6. Elic Ezra Claborn, Army
7. Josiah Allen Earp, CSA
8. George W. Foster, CSA
9. Dick Goldston, ??
10. Jim Gray, Army Air Corps, WWII
11. Donald Ray Greenhaw, Army
12. Robert D. Medford, Army, WWII
13. James Woodrow Melton, Army, WWII
14. Clarence V. Wheeler,Jr., Army Air Forces, WWII

Evergreen Cemetery (Ranger)
1. SGT Melvin Joe Alexander, SMGT US Airforce, Korea Vietnam (Silver Star)
2. David Brice Allsup PFC US Army, World War II, Purple Heart
3. Rexford M Alworth 1st Lt US Army, World War II
4. Fo J B Adams- Air Force World War II
5. Beauford Anderson- World War II, US Army
6. Otis R. Anderson- SGT US Army, World War II
7. Hirman L. Andrew- PFC US Army, World War I
8. Lee Darrell Andrew- US Army World War II
9. Hershel Edward Angus- Army, World War II
10. Vernon Wayne Archer-PFC US Army
11. John L Arnett-Corp. Co. I, 142nd Infantry World War II
12. Billy Loren Arney- PVT Us Army, World War II
13. James Arrendale- US Army, World War II
14. D.C. Arterburn- Coast Guard during World War II
15. Willard W Arwood- World War I
16. Lester Marion Ashby- World War II Korea
17. Robert Bailey Jr. Qm3 USNR, World War II
18. Walter Wilson BAnkston-Us Army, World War II
19. Durward Barnes-World War II- Died in action
20. Odus Gordon Barton-Us Navy, World War II
21. James Will Battle- Us Army World War II Korea
22. Jimmie Pual Bell- Marine Corps, World War II
23. Roy E Beeman- World War I
24. James Hurlburt Berry- US Army, World War II
25. J.W. Betts- US Army- World War II
26. Edgar B. Black- US Army- World War II
27. Joe Earl Blackman- Us Army World War II
28. Thomas Walton Buck Blair- World War II
29. William Harley Bollinger-Us Army World War II
30. William RAY BOLLINGER-Korea , US Air Force
31. Charles Ray Bond- World War II
32. Golden Bond- World War II Army
33. David C. Boney- Army
34. Marion Richard Bonney- Us Army, Korean War
35. Seth Porter Boon-World War I
36. William Floyde Boon-World War I
37. Herman C A Borchet- World War I
38. John E Bourdeau- Us Navy, World War II
39. Herman C. Bratton- World war II
40. Cathren L Brister- World War II
41. Lawrance C Brister- World War II
42. James Oscar Brit- World War II
43. Ellis Nick Brod- World War II
44. Willis Swan Brookes- Confederate States Army
45. Ralph Lowery Brooks- Air Force Korean War
46. Billy J Brown- World War II
47. Harvey Ray Brown-Vietnam War
48. James Van Brown- World War II
49. Ocie Edward Brown-World War II
50. Vernon E Brown- Marine Corps
51. William Henderson Brown- World War II
52. Buford Nathaniel Bryan Us Navy, World War II
53. Dr. Herman Bryan- Us Navy
55. Raymon E. Bryan- Air Force
56. Travis Paul Bryan-World War II
57. Arthur E. Burch-World War II
58. Reeves Allen Burge-Us Navy, World War II
59. Naton Parmley Burnett-World War II
60. Henry F. Bud Burrow Jr. World War II
61. Avon A Burton- World War I
62. Alford Bush- Korean War
63. J W Cagle- Marine Corp
64. Santiago Ruelas Camancho-Us Army, Korean Army
65. William E. "Bill" Canner- Navy
66. Floyd Earl Caraway-World War II
67. Ishmael Shelly Jerry Carden- World War II- Air Force
68. William Worth Carlin-Pyt I cant really read it but I know he is. 69. Garvin Dunn Chastain Jr.- Us Navy World War II
70. Charles F Chesnut-Us Army World War II
71. Carl Christain- SP Am, War
72. Rualeigh H. Cobb- Us Army, World War II
73. William Gabrial Colburn- World War I
74. Jess W Cole- World War II
75. Harold Lloyd Cook-Us Navy, World War II
76. Vernon Leon Cooper- Vietnam war
77. Bobbie Joe Cox- World War II
78. George W. Cox- World War II
79. Richard Calvin Cox- World War II
80. Travis M. Cozart- Air Force, World War II
81. Warren Reynolds Cozby- Air Force
82. Arthur M Crabtree- World War II
83. Lee Crawford- Us Army
84. Howard Deane Crawley- World War II
85. Jimmie M Crawley- Died in War
86. James B. Cunningham- World War I
87. Thomas A. Cunningham- World War I
88. David Stuart Curlee- Vietnam War
89. Dixie Lee Davie- World War II
90. CurtisA Dawson- World War II\
91. Dennis Charles Delfo- Vietnam
92. Norman Claude Dickson-World War II
93. Richard Donald Dill Jr.- Vietnam
94. Jerome Kearby Dorris- World War I
96. Dwight Charles Dunn- Air Force
97. Jimmie Ray Durham Sr., Air Force
98. Robert Max Earnest- Us Navy
100. Rev Kyger C Edwards- World War I
101. Doyce Otto Edwards- World War II
102. Doyce William Edwards-SP4 US ARMY VIETNAM
103. Henry Clarence Edwards- World War II
104. Wilbur Ray Edwards- Vietnam
105. William Odis Elmore- World War II
107. Howard F. Elwood-Us Army
108. Jack Elwood- World War II
109. Bobby Lee Emfinger- us Army
110. Corp Edward Amil Engel-World War I
111. Harlord Everett Ewing- World War II
112. David A Fawcett- World War II
113. Henry Pete Featherston- Air Force, World War II
114. James B. Ferris- Army
115. Aurelio Flores, Army, WWII
116. Lawrence C. Floyd, Navy, WWII
117. Harvey L. Fonvile, Army, WWII
118. Eugene Franklin, Army, WWII & Korea
119. Harvey Eli Franklin, Army, WWII
120. Lonnie Andrew Franklin, Army, WWII
121. Olan M. Franklin, Army, WWII
122. Franklin C. Frasier, Army, WWII
123. Robert J. Frasier, Navy, WWII
124. Ocie Willard Freeman, Army, WWII
125. Jacob Rutledge Freudiger, Army Air Forces, WWII
126. Truman Russell Frost, Navy, WWII
127. Alvis Duane Fuquay, Army Air Forces, WWII
128. Donald L. Fyffe, Navy, WWII
129. Otto R. Gafner, Army, WWI
130. Nicholas T. Gallagher, Army, WWI
131. Beaufort A. Galloway, Army, WWI
132. Antonio Garcia, Army, WWI
133. William C. Garrett, Army, WWI
134. Ralph Allen Gay, Sr, Army
135. Ollin Doyle Gentry, Air Force, Korea
136. William S. Gideon, Navy, WWII
137. Charles Henry Gilbert, Navy
138. Lee Richard Gilstrap, Army
139. Eugene F. Glenn, Jr., Army Air Forces, WWII
140. James H. Goodrum, Army, WWI
141. Byron Winn Gordon, Army, WWII
142. Lester Wayne Goswick, Army, WWII
143. Harold Gene Gourley, Navy, WWII
144. Marion Graham, Jr., Army, WWII
145. Fred Eddy Grant, Army, WWII
146. Jerald Robert Greer, Army
147. Frank Gryder, Army, WWII
148. Leslie H. Hagaman, Army, WWI
149. Wendell Aurthur Halbrooks, Army, WWII
150. David Warren Hale, CSA
151. Thomas Weldon Hale, Army, WWII
152. Thomas E. Halliday, III, Marine Corps, Korea
153. Charlie Clay Hamilton, Jr., Army, WWII
154. John Dewey Hamilton, Army, WWII
155. Robert J. Hamilton, Navy, WWII
156. Thomas M. Hamilton, Navy, WWI
157. William Paul Hamilton, Army, WWII
158. Robert H. Hansford, Army, Spanish American War
159. Albert Ross Harris, Army, WWII
160. Benjamin E. Harris, Army, WWI
161. Elmer C. Harris, Army, WWI
162. Elmer C. Harris, Jr., Army, Korea
163. John William Harrison, Jr., Army, WWI
164. Sidney B. Harton, Navy, WWII
165. Dowell Odell Hartsfield, Navy
166. Frank Hatten, Army Air Corps, WWII
167. Archie Houston Hazard, Army?
168. Conrad P. Hazard, Army, WWI
169. James C. Healer, Air Force
170. Elton Deryl Heath, Navy, WWII
171. John B. Heister, Spanish American War
172. Samuel E. Henson, Army, WWII
173. Paul J. Higginbotham, Navy, WWII
174. Robert A. Higgins, Sr., Army
175. Gene B. Hill, Sr., Navy, WWII
176. James Lester Hill, Navy
177. William C. Hill, Army, WWI
178. Billy Owen Hinman, Army, WWII
179. John P.G. Hirschinger, Army
180. Raymond Lee Hise, Jr., Army, WWII
181. Richard Hodges, Army Air Corps, WWII
182. Ross Hodges, Army Air Corps, WWII
183. W.R. Hodges, CSA?
184. G.H.L. Holbrook, Army, WWII
185. Kenneth Bailey Holmes, Army, WWII
186. John E. Hood, Jr., Navy
187. Robert F. Hood, Navy, WWII
188. Earnest Edwin Houghton, Army, WWII
189. George William Huffman, Air Force, WWII
190. Norman Eugene Huffman, Army, WWII
191. Burke B. Hunt, Army, WWII
192. Robert L. Hunt, Army, WWI
193. B.L. Hunter, Navy, Korea
194. Lonnie Earl Hunter, Sr., Marine Corps
195. Walter Hutchins, Jr., Army, Vietnam
196. Albert William Jackson, Navy, WWII
197. Eddie LaRoy Jacoby, Army
198. Lee Roy Jacoby, Army, WWII
199. Walter Jacoby, Army, WWI
200. Alex James, Army, WWII
201. Charles James, Marine Corps, WWII
202. Kenneth Wier Jameson, Air Force, Vietnam
203. Otis Owen Janes, Army, WWII
204. Vannes Jenkins, Air Force, Korea
205. Alberto Jimenez, Army, WWII
206. David G. Jimenez, Army Air Forces
207. William T. Johnson, Army, WWII
208. James Hulon Johnson, Amry, WWI
209. Bobby Gailey Jones, Army, Korea
210. Elroy Jones, Army, WWII
211. James Otis Jones, Army, WWII
212. Roney Jones, Army, WWI
213. Clay Jordan, Army, WWI
214. Billy Neal Judy, Air Force; WWII, Korea, & Vietnam
215. Jack Dean Judy, Navy, WWII & Korea
216. Eugene Lambert Kelly, Army, WWII
217. Billy Eugene Kerr, Army, Korea & Vietnam
218. Clyde Forrest Kerr, Navy, Korea
219. John Gilmore Kim, Marine Corps, WWI
220. Stacy L. Kim, Army
221. Charles Leslie Kinder, Army
222. Clarence Edgar King, Army Air Corps
223. Edgar D. King, Army, Vietnam
224. Edgra E. King, Army, WWII
225. Leo J. Kitchens, Army, WWII
226. Tom G. Koonce, Army, WWI
227. James Rodney Krance, Air Force
228. Eugene Ed Kribbs, Army, WWII
229. Pere Moran Kuykendall, Army, WWI
230. Robert H. Lanm, Army, Vietnam
231. Thomas Gilbert Lang, Navy
232. Hammon Carroll Lange, Army, WWII
233. Boyd LaQuey, Navy, WWII
234. Albin Fred Larson, Army Air Corps
235. Albin N. Larson, Army, WWI
236. Charles W. Latham, Sr., Army, WWI
237. Thomas L. Lauderdale, Army Medical Corps
238. Harold C. Lavery, Army, WWI
239. John W. Lawson, Army, WWI
240. Clarence E. Ledbetter, Army, WWI
241. Joe Arondo Lenzini, Army, WWII
242. Edward Lewing, Army
243. Kenneth R. Lewis, Air Service
244. Milton W. Loftis, Army Air Forces, WWII
245. Alfred Gene Loper, Army, Korea
246. Robert Michael Love, Army, Vietnam
247. Frank James Lucky, Army, WWII
248. Charles R. Mahaffey, Army, WWII
249. Jasper C. Massegee, Sr., Army, WWII & Korea
250. Paul O. Mathis, Air Force, Korea
251. Jesse Lee Matthews, Army, WWII
252. Marcus Matthews, Army, WWII
253. Robert J. Matthews, Army, WWI
254. Stanley M. McAnelly, Army Air Corps
255. George Lauderdale McClesky, ???, WWII
256. Royce L. McCleskey, Army Air Forces, WWII
257. William H. McGee, Navy, WWII
258. Robert Cleveland McGowen, Air Force
259. Ralph McKinley, Army, WWII
260. Burton Clark McNabb, Jr., Army, WWII
261. Byron Veree McNeley, Army, WWI
262. Carl C. Meacham, Army; WWI, WWII, & Korea
263. David Meredith, Air Force, WWII & Korea
264. Bernard Milmo III, Army Air Forces, WWII
265. Cluster W. Moats, Army, WWII
266. D.O. Moffett, Army, WWII
267. Marshall Fred Moreland, Army, WWII
268. Pvt. Raymond Andrew Murphy, ????
269. William Lloyd Murphy, Marine Corps, WWII
270. Monroe P. Myers, Army, WWII
271. R.W. Myers, Air Force, Vietnam
272. Edwin Neely Nabers, Air Force, WWII
273. Albert Nantz, ???, WWII
274. 1Lt Scott Hodges Neal, ????
275. George E. Norris, Navy, WWII
276. Everett J. Noth, Army
277. Odis Gay Lee O’Bannon, Army, Korea
278. Oscar Oakley, Army, WWI
279. George Washington Outlaw, CSA
280. Walter C. Palmer, Army
281. James Lovell Park, Army, WWII
282. Claudy E. Parks, Army, WWII
283. Benjamin F. Parrish, Army, WWII
284. Fred F. Parrish, Army, WWI
285. J.L. Parrish, Army, WWII
286. Bennie E. Patterson, Army, WWI
287. Robert A. Patterson, Navy, WWII & Korea
288. Woodrow D. Patterson, Navy, WWII
289. George M. Patton, Army, WWI
290. Bruner H. Peacock, Navy, WWI
291. Francis Stanley Pearsall, Army, WWI
292. Electra A. Pearson, Army, WWII
293. Larry Champ Pearson, Air Force
294. Lee Roy Pearson, Army, WWI
295. Lee Roy Pearson, Jr., Army, WWII
296. Carl Hollis Peeples, Army, WWII
297. Billy Barton Peery, Army, WWII
298. George McLynn Peery, Army, WWII
299. Gilbert F. Phillips, Army, WWI
300. William Earl Pierce, Navy, WWII
301. T.L. Pitcox, Army, WWII
302. Harold E. Plumley, Army
303. Roy Roland Plumley, Army, WWII & Korea
304. Carroll Everett Porter, Air Force, Vietnam
305. Leonard Madison Pounds, Navy, WWII
306. James D. Prock, Army, Vietnam
307. R.B. Prock, Army, WWII
308. Chesley Burton Pruet, Student Army Training Corps
309. William B. Pullman, Army, WWI
310. Herbert M. Rapp, Army, WWII
311. Jack G. Rapp, Army, WWII
312. James Wilson Ratliff, Army Air Corps, WWII
313. Mertz Ratliff, Army, WWII
314. Jack Allen Rawls, Army, WWII
315. Jefferson W. Rawls, Navy, WWII
316. Charles Jackson Rayfield, Army, WWII
317. Buster C. Reese, Air Force, WWII & Korea
318. William T. Reeves, Army, Spanish American War
319. Ardis Clyde Reid, Army Air Corps, WWII
320. Jesus G. Renteria, Sr., Army, WWII
321. Ralph C. Reynolds, Texas National Guard
322. Amasy Claude Rice, Army, WWI
323. James M. Rice, CSA
324. John B. Rice, Army, WWI
325. John L. Richardson, Jr., Navy?
326. Norman E. Richardson, Army, WWII
327. Sidney C. Rish, Jr., Army Air Corps, WWII
328. J.B. Roberson, Army, WWII
329. James W. Rogers, Army, WWII
330. Joseph W. Rollins, Army, WWII
331. Ronald Vincent Romero, Marine Corps
332. Frank Rosales, Army, WWII
333. Owen Ed Rose, Army
334. John Henry Rucker, Army, WWII
335. Willis Lee Sawyer, Army, WWII
336. Joseph Weldon Scott, Army Air Corps, WWII
337. James M. Scrivner, Coast Guard
338. Vivian A. Sebring, Army, WWI
339. Willard Kenneth Seymour, Army, WWII
340. James Allan Shackleford, Army
341. Curis Ray Sharp, Army, WWII
342. Edward Sharp, Jr., Army, WWII
343. Arie O. Sharp, Air Force, WWII & Korea
344. Arthur Lloyd Shelton, Army, WWII
345. John L. Shelton, Army, WWI
346. James O. Siler, Navy
347. Robert Baldridge Simmons, Navy, Vietnam
348. Wayne E. Simpson, Army, WWII
349. Floyd Smith, Army, WWI
350. Floyd R. Smith, Army, Vietnam
351. Jesse Leroy Smith, Army, WWII
352. Roy A. Smith, Army, WWI
353. Stanley E. Snyder, Army
354. Don Emmitt Sommers, Army
355. Louis Herman Sommers, Marine Corps, WWII
356. Jack Eugene Speed, Army, WWII
357. Jerry J. Speer, Army, WWII
358. Clifton Winston Squyres, Navy, WWII
359. Ernest Myrl Squyres, Army, WWII
360. Glenn A. Stallings, Marine Corps
361. Irving Leroy Stallings, Army, Korea
362. Wesley Eugene Stallings, Army, WWII
363. Claude O. Stevens, Army, WWII
364. Garland Earl Stewart, Army, Korea
365. James F. Strong, Sr., Army, WWII
366. Maynard D. Stucker -Navy,WWII
367. Lyndle D. Summers, Marine Corps, WWII
368. Charles H. Surbrook, Army, WWI
369. Marvin James Tarver, Army Air Corps, WWII
370. George Austin Tetts, Army, WWII
371. Robert Edward Thayer, Marine Corps, Vietnam
372. William L. Thomas, Navy, WWII
373. Roy A. Thompson, Army, WWI & WWII
374. Carl Junior Throne, Navy, WWII
375. Willie Carl Tipton, Army, WWII
376. Joe W. Todd, Army, WWI
377. Warren Henry Toepke, Air Force, Korea
378. Teddy Raymond Tollett, Army
379. Lewis Edward Treadway, ???
380. William R. Tully, Navy
381. John Allen Ussery, Army, WWI
382. Edwin Euel Varner, Navy, Vietnam
383. James Ernest Varner, Army, Korea
384. Johnny Mendoza Vasquez, ???
385. David Blainey Vermillion, Army, Spanish American War
386. Claude Eugene Vinson, Navy, WWII
387. Harry Xavier Wallace, Army, WWI
388. Roland Breland Wallace, Army, Korea
389. James L. Walsh, Army, WWII
400. Donald Edgar Wald, Army, WWII
401. Edgar Clarence Wald, Army, WWI
402. Onis Warden, Navy, WWII
403. Joseph P. Weaver, Army Air Forces, WWII
404. Thomas C. Weaver, Army, WWII
405. Forrest C. Weber, Navy, WWII
406. Joe B. Weekes, Army, WWII
407. Wilmer R. Westbrook, Army, WWII
408. Tony B. Wheeler, Army, WWI
409. Carl Eugene White, Jr., Army
410. Troy Lee White, Navy, WWII
411. Ven O. White, Army, WWI
412. W.H. White, Jr., Navy, WWII
413. Fred W. Wiesen, Army, WWII
414. Irby E. Wilhelm, Army, WWII
415. Alwyn Joe Williams, Navy, WWII
416. Elmer Herbert Williams, Air Force, Korea
417. Herbert Ellis Williams, National Guard
418. Ira Newlin Williams, Army, WWI
419. James Ralph Williams, Navy, WWI
420. Edward William Willingham, Army, WWII
421. Herman Willingham, Army
422. Odes D. Wilson, Sr., Army, WWII
423. Charles I. Wolford, Army, WWI
424. James L. Woodruff, Army & Marine Corps, Vietnam
425. Bobby L. Woods, Marine Corps, WWII
426. Harvey Orville Woods, Jr., Army, WWII
427. Gerald Wynn Wooley, Army, Vietnam
428. Clyde William Younce, Army, WWI
429. Carl F. Young, Army, WWII
430. Dewitt Young, Army, WWI
431. Benjamin F. Yung, Army, WWI

Flatwood Cemetery -- 4.5 miles south of Eastland Hwy 6, east on FM 2563
1. Edward Fred “Chief” Bender- PVT US Army, WWI
2. Henry Irvin Blancet-PFC US Army, WWII
3. Francis Lee Bond- T.SGT US Army, Korea
4. Nathan S. Bond-Confederate States Army
5. Travis “June” Bond Jr.-PVT US Army, WWII
6. Stephens Sagers “Steve” Brawner- Spanish-American War
7. Luther Hamilton Brown-WWI
8. Jack Dalton Byrd- SP4 US Army
9. James Ford Byrd- PFC US Army, WWII
10. Jesse W. Byrd- Confederate States Army
11. James W Coffey- PVT USArmy, Vietnam
12. Dr J.S. Dillon- CSA
13. Homer Fontone Duncan-PVT US Army
14. Marvin Otho Duncan-TEC 5 US Army, WWII
15. Robert Obie Duncan-TEC 5 US Army, WWII
16. Travis D Duncan- US Army, WWII
17. Henry C Ellington- Ill. Inf ??
18. Pvt Thomas CorneliusFoster- US Arty ??
19. Amos E Hartwick- CSA
20. Andrew J Hudson- SGT US ARMY, WWII
21. Herman Armstrong “Don” Hull- US ARMY, Texas National Guard
22. Gary Lee Johnson- SP4 US ARMY
23. Kenneth Earl Johnson-SP4 US ARMY, Vietnam
24. Cyrus Douglas “Doug” Justice- SP4 US ARMY, Vietnam
25. Jack Edward Kellett-SI US NAVY, WWII
26. John M Kidd- US ARMY
27. Ancil Alan “Tiny” King- US ARMY
28. Billy Ray Lyerla- CPI US ARMY, WWII
29. Jack Leonard Lyerla-PFC US ARMY, WWII
30. Jacob Cyrus Lyerla-TSGT US ARMY, WWII
31. Robert Guy Lyerla- T SGT US ARMY, WWII
32. John William McQueen-PVT 33 ALAINF C.S.A
33. Elbert Raymond Nelson-PVT IG INT, WWI
34. Elbert Raymond Nelson Jr.- PFC 358 Infantry 90th Infantry DIV, WWII
35. Jackie Densel Nelson-US ARMY
36. William Haskell “Bill” Newcomb- US ARMY Corps, WWII
37. Geroge Franklin Norris- PVT US ARMY, WWI
38. Samuel M. Patterson-CSA
39. Marshall Earnest Phelps- PVT CO D 37 Engineer REC, WWII
40. George Amos Putnam-PVT 1803 SVC COMD UNIT, WWII
41. Ellis Henry Reese- PVT 359 INF. 90 Div. ??
42. Eddie Joe Sadler- CPL US ARMY
43. EJ Steel- WWII
44. John Milton Turner-CSA
45. Harold Wilbanks-National Guard
46. Barto Wilson- S SGT US ARMY, WWII
47. Hubert Ecil Wilson-PFC CO B III ENGRS 36 DIV, WWI

Gailey Cemetery
???- 1 grave on private property

Gorman (Oaklawn) Cemetery,
1. Matthew S. Ables, Navy
2. Dewey L. Adcock, Marines Reserve, WWII
3. Arlin L. Alldredge, Army, WWII
4. Billie J. Allen, Air Force
5. Floyd D. Allen, Army, WWII
6. John Thomas Allen, Army, WWII
7. William A. Alsabrook, Army, WWI
8. Jerry Max Bailey, Air Force
9. John Franklin Barton, Marine Corps, WWI
10. Graydon Wortham Baze, Army Air Corps, WWII
11. Berry T. Belyeu, Army, WWII
12. Levi Belyeu, Army, WWII
13. Bruce Morgan Bennett, Navy, WWII
14. Joe Reid Bishop, Marine Corps, WWII
15. George Thomas Blackwell, Army, WWI
16. J.B. Blancet, Army, WWII
17. Blake O. Bledsoe, Army, WWI
18. Clde O. Bledsoe, Army, WWI
19. Harold Gene Bledsoe, Air Force, Korea
20. Wade A. Bledsoe, Marine Corps, WWI & WWII
21. James Weldon Bowden, Jr., Army
22. William David Boyd, Air Force
23. Aaron Alfred Bryon, CSA
24. Dale Brightwell, Army, WWII & Korea
25. Eldon Neal Brown, Army, WWII
26. Winston Gyn Brown, Army, WWII
27. Forrest F. Brownell, Army, WWI & WWII
28. Jimmie B. Bryan, Navy, WWII & Korea
29. Leland Howard Bryan, KIA at Pearl Harbor; entombed on the USS Arizona
30. Olney R. Buchanan, Navy
31. Rupert Morris Buntin, Army, WWII
32. Harold Lloyd Burleson- Air Force, WWII & Korea
33. Jerrell D. Burleson, Army Air Forces
34. Cecil Lloyd Burns, Army, WWII
35. Robert M. Burns, Jr., Navy
36. William Arnold Butler- Army, WWII
37. Lawrence Cate, Air Force, Vietnam
38. Marvin Vernon Cates, Army, WWII
39. Audie O. Clark, Army, WWII
40. Berry O. Clark, CSA?
41. Elvy David Clark, Army, WWII
42. John Edward Clark, Army, WWII
43. Carl Howard Cole, Navy, WWII & Korea
44. Cecil J. Collins, Army
45. Hudson Avery Collins, Navy, WWII
46. Thomas Landrum Cooper- CSA?
47. Ben T. Corning, CSA?
48. Arthur L. Cribbs, Army, WWI
49. Willie William Davis, Army, WWI
50. Charles R. Day, Army, WWI
51. Roy F. Dennis, Army, Korea
52. A.J. Denton, CSA
53. Marvin C. Dorsett, Army, WWII
54. Herman W. Dukes, Navy, WWII
55. Alvin L. Dunlap, Army
56. Henry Clay Earnest, CSA?
57. William B. Eaves, Army
58. Miles G. Ervin, Army, WWII
59. S.W. Foster, Jr., Army, WWII
60. Leslie Don Franklin, Army
61. Lonnie C. Fraser, Army, WWII
62. Gus H. Frossard, Army, WWII
63. Claude Oliver Fuller, Army, WWII
64. Philip E. Golob, Marine Corps, Korea
65. William Charles Goodnough, Army
66. Thomas David Goodwin, Army, WWII
67. Charles A. Graham, Army, Vietnam
68. Wesley Newton Gray, Army, WWI
69. Billy Edward Gregg, Air Force, Vietnam
70. A.L. Grice, Navy, WWII
71. Erin E. Haile, Army, WWI
72. Alva G.L. Hamilton, Navy, Vietnam
73. Darrell Gene Hamilton, Army
74. Billie Dee Hamrick, Army, WWII
75. John Harrison Hamrick- CSA
76. Lee Harrison, Army
77. Tracy Chalmer Harwell- Army, WWI
78. Ormonde Dale Hatcher, Air Force, WWII
79. Collis Odell Hays, ?, WWII
80. Alexander B. Hirst, Army, WWI
81. Jewell O. Hirst, Army, WWI & WWII
82. Leonard Bruce Hirst, Navy, WWII
83. William A. Hollywood, Army Air Forces, WWII
84. Ernest Milton Hood, Army, WWII
85. James Rayburn Hull, Army, WWII
86. James C. Hutchins, Army, WWI
87. Dewey William Isbell, Navy, WWII
88. Thurman Lee Jay, Jr., Navy, WWII
89. William Alexander Jones, CSA
90. Lafayette Kellogg, Army, WWII
91. Lawrence Nathaniel Koen, Navy, WWII
92. Charles Edward Koonce- Merchant Marine, WWII
93. John A. Layton, Army, WWI
94. Edgar Weldon Linder, Air Force, WWII & Korea
95. Andres Davila Lopez, Jr., Marine Corps, Vietnam
96. Joseph Clyde Loughry, Army
97. Roy Lester Marble, Army, WWII
98. Gilbert Eugene Marshall, Army Air Forces, WWII
99. Alvin Mauney, Army, WWI
100. L.V. Mauney, Coast Guard, WWII
101. James B. Maxey, Army, WWI
102. William Franklin McCaghren, CSA
103. George T. McCormack, Army, WWI
104. Melvin T. McCormack, Army, WWII
105. Freddie R. McMullen, Air Force
106. Harold Neill Mehaffey- Marine Corps, WWII, Korea, & Vietnam
107. Joe Carroll Mehaffey- Air Force, Vietnam
108. Zulus O. Mehaffey, Army, WWI
109. James Weldon Miears, Navy
110. Johnny Weldon Miller- Air Force, Vietnam
111. Oda R. Monroe, Army
112. Edwin G. Morrow, Sr., Army,WWII
113. Theodore F. Morrow, CSA
114. Donald O. Morse, Army, Korea
115. David Oliver Munn, Army, WWII
116. Paul Dean Murray, Army & Navy, WWII & Korea
117. Clyde M. Nolen, Army, WWII
118. Joe Reid Ormsby, Army Air Corps, WWII
119. Philip Evert Osbourne- Army
120. Verlan E. Overstreet- Army, WWII
121. Dale F. Park, Army
122. Ernest Park, Navy, WWI
123. Leroy B. Park, Army, WWI
124. Willie O. Parr, Navy, WWII
125. Jack Edward Perry, Navy & Marines, WWII
126. Herman L. Phelps, Army, Korea
127. Clyde W. Porter, Army, WWII
128. J.E. Porter, Army, WWII
129. Robert Porter, Army, WWII
130. Thomas Calvin Rainey- Army, WWI
131. Leonard Raymond Rankin, Army, WWII
132. Lowell Gene Rawls, Army, Korea
133. Charles Clay Reeves, Army Reserves
134. Clinton Odis Revels, Army, WWII
135. Milton A. Robinett, Army, WWII
136. Byers Wayne Rone, Marine Corps, Korea
137. Leland E. Rone, Army, WWII
138. David Lloyd Rulo, Army, WWII
139. James Rodger Russell, Sr., Army, WWII
140. Wade T. Russell, Army, Korea
141. Whit Oscar Russell, Army, WWI
142. William Ira Sadler, Army, WWI
143. Leonard Evelyn Scitern, Army, WWII
144. Oscar Liddell Seal, WWI & WWII??
145. James C. Seaton, Army, WWI
146. A.C. Self, Army, WWII
147. Donald Ray Self, Navy
148. Bobby Joe Sessum, Air Force, Korea
149. Wilbur Edward Simmons, Sr., Army, WWII
150. Archie E. Skaggs, Navy, WWII
151. Jerry Ray Skaggs, Army
152. Billy Joe Slaton, Coast Guard, WWII & Korea
153. John Walter Slaton, Army, WWI
154. Weldon Clive Sloan, Navy
155. Jack Whit Smith, Navy, WWII
156. Travis Smith, Navy, WWII
157. Jewel E. Snider, Army, WWII
158. R.C. Snider, Army, WWII
159. James Curtis Spence, Army, WWII
160. Alva George Stanley, Army
161. Jammy Alan Stanley, Army, Vietnam
162. Michael Edgar Stanley- Army, Vietnam
163. Boyce Windon Stewart- Army, Korea
164. Jesse A. Stroman, Army
165. John Edward Sutton, Army, WWII
166. Charles C. Swancy, Army
167. Euless Odell Taylor, Navy, WWII
168. Floyd T. Taylor, Army
169. James B. Thompson, Army, Vietnam
170. James Edward Thompson- Army, WWII
171. Orval Jennings Treadway, Army, Korea
172. Walter Lee Underwood- Army, WWI
173. Truman R. Vermillion- Army, WWII
174. Randolph William Walker, Navy
175. William L. Wallace, Army, WWI
176. Byrl Gene Warren, Army
177. Byron L. Warren, Air Force
178. John Glendon Warren, Army, WWII
179. Oren Truitt Warren, Army, WWII
180. Albert A. Westmoreland, Army, WWII
181. Euell Harland Westmoreland, Army, WWII
182. Ulysses E. Westmoreland, Army, WWII
183. John Henry Wheeler, Army, WWI
184. Albert Edward White, Army, WWII
185. Billy Gene Whitlock, Army
186. Seaton Keith Whit, Army, WWII
187. Gary Ray Wilkins, Navy, Vietnam
188. Derrell W. Williams, Army
189. J.B. Williams, Navy, WWII
190. Johnie Harold Williams, Navy
191. Raoul Joe Wilson, Air Force
192. Herman T. Wood, Army, WWI
193. William N. Wood, Army Air Forces, WWII
194. LeRoy L. Wright, Army Air Corps, WWII
195. William J. Wright, Merchant Marine, WWII

Hale Cemetery (Morgan Cemetery) -- 6 miles south of Cisco on Hwy 206, west .5 mile
1. William Martin Morgan, CSA?

Haskell Cemetery -- south of Cisco Hwy 206, west on CR 569
1. Dennis G. Perdue, Army

High Knob Cemetery
1. James Henry Collins, CSA

Howard Cemetery -- CR 553 west of Hwy 16
1. Norris Xenophard Anderson- U.S. Army Sergeant WWII
2. William Henry Barnes-Private during WW1
3. Truett Ornold Carter-Served in WWII
4. William Ellis Fonville-Texas Private, South Coast Artillery WW1
5. Dal Riggs- Texas Private, 49th Infantry
6. Newton Riggs, Army, WWI
7. William Lawrence Sumruld, Army, WWII
8. Lester Marvin Woods, Navy

Indian Creek Cemetery -- Desdemona
1. Jerry Doyle “Ting” Singleton- Air Force Veteran

Jewell Cemetery -- south of Carbon Hwy 6, south CR 352, west on CR 354
1. Leslie James Barnett, PFC Army WW1
2. W.B. Brown, CSA
3. William T. Duncan, Confederate Soldier
4. Berry F. Greenwood, PFC Army WW1
5. David Wayne Guthery, U.S. Soldier during Vietnam War
6. L.W. Hooker, CSA?
7. William S. Lasater, CSA?
8. Benjamin J. Lloyd, CSA?

Keller Cemetery:
No results found on website.

Kokomo Cemetery:
No veteran memorials

No veteran memorials

Liberty cemetery

Long branch cemetery, south of Cisco Hwy 183, east on CR 294 to CR 400 east
1. Pernal J. Hearn- TX PFC CO H 387 INF, WWII
2. Rufus Hendricks- TX Pvt. 4C CO 60 INF, WWI
3. James Clifford Howard-Pvt 1 Class 63AA BN CAC WWII
4. Charlie Edgar Johnson-TX PVT INF, WWI
5. Silas Loyd-Pvt. US Army, WWII
6. William Merle Loyd-Pvt. US Army, WWII
7. Billy Harold Martin- US Navy, WWII
8. H.D. Martin- PFC US Army, WWII
9. Oscar B. McFall- U.S. World War II Army Grade Private
10. William T. McFall-Texas PVT 135 Field Art. V 36 Div.
11. Vernon Edgar McGinn-Pvt. US Army, WWI
12. Tomie Martin Owen- TX PVT BTRY A133FA 36 DIV, WWI
13. Bobby Lee Parker- PFC US Army, Korea
14. Paul Charles Poe-Texas AS USNRF WWI
15. John Reed- TX Pvt CO D 58 INF 4 DIV, WWI
16. Charles Cloyd Walker- PFC US Army, WWII
17. E.G. Walker- PFC US Army, WWII

Mangum family cemetery
1. James Benson Mangum, CSA

Merriman Cemetery -- South I20 at Ranger on FM 2461
1. Charles Richard Aaron, Marine Corp., Korea
2. Robert Lee Alford, Navy, WWII
3. Starnes L. Allen, Army, WWII
4. James D. Angus, Army, Vietnam
5. Vernon Wayne Armstrong- Air Force, Korea
6. Wade Fulton Beall, Navy, WWII
7. George E. Beighley, Army, WWII
8. Hazel Faircloth Beighley, Army, WWII
9. Weldon V. Bosworth, Air Force, Korea
10. Daniel Franklin Brashears, Army, WWI
11. Fonzo Brawner, Navy, WWII & Vietnam
12. Harold C. Brown, Signal Corps
13. Clell Darrell Burgess- Marine Corps, WWII
14. Thomas B. Burks, Army, WWI
15. Erby E. Burnett, Army, WWI
16. Carl Luther Butler, Sr- Army, WWI
17. James Asberry Butler, CSA
18. Oliver Canet, Jr., Air Force, Korea
19. Herbert Ray Casey, Army, WWII
20. Forrist D. Caudle, Army
21. Robert Lee Covey, Army, WWII
22. David Carol Cravens, Air Force, Vietnam
23. Richard L. Criswell, U.S. Army Air Forces, WWII
24. Harold R. Cunningham, Air Force, WWII, Korea, & Vietnam
25. Olan B. Cunningham, Air Force, WWII & Korea
26. Eldon J. Daniels, Army, Vietnam
27. Jack Daniels, Army, WWII
28. Henry Virgil Davenport, Sr., Navy
29. Maxwell Glen Duckworth- Army Air Forces, WWII
30. Albert C. Duffield, Army, WWI
31. Bill Jack Duncan, Army, WWII
32. Edmond Duncan, CSA
33. James Marion Ellis, CSA
34. Marlon Earl Ewing, Army, Vietnam
35. George Dexter Falls, Army
36. Thomas Phillip Falls, Army
37. Herbert A. Fick, U.S. Army Air Forces, WWII
38. Adra Lee Fox, Navy, WWII
39. Freddie L. Fox, Air Force
40. Ira G. Fox, Army, WWI
41. Jahiel Wyatt Fox, CSA
42. Loyd L. Fox, Navy, WWII
43. William Roy Gentry, Jr. , Navy
44. George H. Grady, Army, Korea
45. Earl W. Harris, Army, WWII
46. Thomas Basil Harris, Army, WWI
47. Troy Lee Hatcher, Sr.- U.S. Army Air Corps, WWII
48. Bobby Ray Hazard, Army, Korea
49. Thomas Maybuern Higdon- Army, WWII
50. Elmer Clyde Hill, Jr.- Army, WWII
51. Gary Lane Hise, Navy
52. Joseph Albert Hise, Army, WWI
53. Orville Garrett Hise, Army, WWII
54. Robert Hobbs, Army, Korea
55. Russell Wayne Hughes, Army
56. Lowell P. Hunt, Navy, WWII
57. Johnie Lee Isabell, Army, WWII
58. Earl Devine Ivy, Army, WWII
59. Emanuel R. Jenkins, Marine Corps, Korea
60. Freddie Herman Johnson, Sr., Army, Korea
61. Alton Wayne Klaus, National Guard
62. Charles Wayne Lawson, ?, WWII
63. David H. Livingston, Army, WWII
64. David H. Mathews, Army, WWII
65. Oscar Borden McDougal- Navy, WWII
66. Samuel Parmley McGlothline, CSA
67. Burl David McGraw, Army, WWII
68. Burl David McGraw III- Navy, Vietnam
69. Leonard L. McIlvain, Army, WWII
70. George Elmer McKelvy, Navy, WWII
71. Clyde Woodie McKinney- Army, Korea
72. Leo Moats, Army, WWII
73. Billie Joe Ogden, Jr.- Air Force
74. Billie Joe Ogden, Sr.- Army, WWII
75. Andrew M. Oliver, Army Air Forces, WWII
76. Sam Phillips, CSA
77. Cecil Coy Pittman, Army, Korea
78. Elzie Pruett, Jr., Army Air Forces, WWII
79. Willard Lee Pugh, Sr.- Army, WWII
80. Quintin Z. Rainey, Army, WWII
81. Noel Jack Rhodes, Navy, Korea
82. Sammy Ray Ritchey, Air Force
83. Waldo Bennion Riter, Air Force
84. Stephen Dow Robinette- Army
85. Orville Rogers, Army
86. Charlie C. Rose, Army, WWII
87. Owen Dee Sellers, Jr.- Army, WWII
88. Floyd Clifton Smith, Army, WWII
89. Charlie B. Sneed, Army Air Forces, WWII
90. Jerry L. Southerland, Army, Vietnam
91. William David Speed, Air Force
92. Orvel W. Stephenson, Air Force
93. Atlee D. Stewart, Army, WWI
94. Jack Doyle Stuard, Army Air Forces, WWII
95. Bill R. Tate, Army
96. Herman S. Taylor, Army, WWI
97. Louis Mack Tittle, Army Air Forces, WWII
98. Cecil Ray Towler, Army Air Forces, WWII
99. James A. Townzen, Navy, WWII
100. William Shirley Vinson, Army, WWI
101. Buford Waggoner, Army Air Forces, WWII
102. Danny Ray Wells, Marine Corps, Vietnam
103. Virgil Wayne Wells, Army, Korea
104. Walter Marlin Wells, Army
105. William Earl Whittington, Sr., Army, WWII
106. Jerry D. Williams, Marine Corps?
107. Johnny Elton Williams- Navy
108. Thomas Jefferson Williams, CSA
109. Emil Yandrich, Army SSgt Air Force, WWII, Korea
110. Boone Carroll Yarbrough, Army

Mitchell Cemetery -- south on 206, west on CR 130, south on CR 142
1.Billie Arnold Baker, Navy
2. James T. Beddo, Army, Korea
3. Lewis L. Bisbee, Army, WWII
4. A.J. Bivens, Army, WWII
5. Paul E. Gattis, Sr., Air Force, Korea
6. Allan Kent Gorham, Air Force
7. Bobby Joe Griffin, Army
8. Floyd H. Livingston, Army
9. Virgil William Maxwell- Army
10. Donald D. Moffett, Army, WWII
11. Bennie O. Owings, Army, WWII
12. Ronald Ernest Owings, Air Force, Vietnam
13. Yeager Owings, Army, WWII
14. Thomas Royce Pior, Navy, Korea
15. Lewis Robert Rogers, CSA
16. Tommie Jack Simmons, Navy, Korea
17. Virl L. Snyder, Army, WWII
18. Billy Joe Taylor, Navy, WWII
19. John Thomas Taylor, Army, WWI
20. Chester M. Teague, Army, WWII
21. Odis Weldon Wilkerson- Army, WWII

Monroe Cemetery FM 2526 14 miles west of Carbon
1. Joel O. Baker, Jr., Air Force, Vietnam
2. A. W. Bryant, CSA
3. Elbert Free, CSA
4. William Timothy Ingram- CSA
5. Tommy George Sellers, Army, Vietnam

MurrayMemorial Cemetery -- .5 mile south of Carbon on Hwy 6
1. Robert Roy Adams-WWI PVT US ARMY (1895-1985)
2. Bearl “pop” Arnold-US ARMY 1954 (1932-2006)
3. Horace Leroy “Roy” Ayers-(1906-1972)
4. Tommy Jack Baker-US AIR FORCE (1928-2004)
5. Tony James Barron-US NAVY WW2 (1918-1987)
6. Rayneal Odis Baze-US NAVY WW2 (1925-2000)
7. Truman Rufus Been-PVT US ARMY- (1918-1992)
8. Johnnie Hugh “Hank” Bethany-OM3 US NAVY-Korea (1931-2003)
9. Thomas Francis Bolin-SF3 US NAVY WW2- (1911-1983)
10. Stephen Dale Brandstetter-US ARMY- (1969-1995)
11. William Meadows “Seldon” Brandstetter- MM3 US NAVY-WW2- (1920-1978)
12. Archie Roy Brixley Jr.-SGT US ARMY AIR FORCES-WW2- (1924-2003)
13. Alice Mae “Abie” Leatherman Brooks-1st LT US ARMY-AIR CORPS-WW2- (1910-2004)
14. Leo E. “Shag” Brooks-TEC3 US ARMY-WW2- (1911-1998)
15. James Maurice Brown-PFC US ARMY-WW2- (1915-1968)
16. Will Douglas “Bill” Brown-KOREAN WAR- (1928-2014)
17. Eddie Travis Bryant-US ARMY VOLUNTEER-WW2- (1918-2009)
18. Truman Reese Bryant-US ARMY- (1924-2014)
19. Thomas Jerry Buske-VETERAN SERVICE???
20. Jess Davis Caldwell-PVT 257 AMBULANCE CO.-WW1- (1891-1968)
21. Sgt Jerrell Leon Cate-US AIR FORCE VIETNAM WAR- (1935-2011)
22. Jess Thomas Cavanaugh-PVT US ARMY- (1890-1975)
23. Joe Collins-US AIR FORCE-WW2 KOREA- (1924-2005)
24. Patrick Henry Couch-SGT 6 REGT INF BAND SPAM WAR- (1872-1964)
25. Leamon Cox-TSGT US ARMY-WW2- (1918-2008)
26. James Vernon Fields- US ARMY WW2- (1926-2001)
27. Clifford C. Gilbert-CPL US ARMY WW1- (1892-1975)
28. George Reason Gilbert-LT CMDR US NAVY-WW2- (1921-2004)
29. Merlyn Brooks Gilbert-UA MARINE CORPS WW2-(1926-2001)
30. James N Greer-SP5 US ARMY KOREA- (1930-1985)
31. Walter Jasper Greer Jr.-A1C US AIR FORCE KOREA- (1930-1935)
32. William Hayden “Stubby” Greer-COX US COAST GUARD WW2- (1920-1994)
33. Utah Wayne Grice- F1 US NAVY WW2- (1917-1942)
34. J D Griffin Jr.-S2 US NAVY WW2- (1925-2007)
35. J D Harris-SSGT USMC WW2- (1922-1953)
36. M J Harris-A1C US AIR FORCE-(1933-1955)
37. James Edward Head-PVT US ARMY- (1945-1998)
38. Roy L Hise- SSGT US AIR FORCE VIETNAM- (1941-1984)
39. Bobby Gene Hogan-PFC US ARMY- (1939-2004)
40. Dan Guindla Hogan-AS US NAVY WW2- (1926-1980)
41. Virgil Holloway-PVT US ARMY WW1- (1895-1973)
42. E. “Pete”C. Huddleston- SGT US ARMY-WW2-(1922-2002)
43. James Leon Hughes- CPLUS ARMY AIR FORCES-WW2-(1922-2004)
44. Kenneth Farys Hughes-SGT US ARMY WW2- (1909-1962)
45. Claudie Dwayne Hurst-PV2 US ARMY VIETNAM-(1941-1997)
46. William A Isbell- SSGT US ARMY WW2- (1917-2001)
47. Archie L Jackson- SK2US NAVY WW2- (1919-1971)
48. Archie S Jackson- PVTCO B 111 ENGRS NGUS WW1- (1886-1967)
49. Billy Frank Jackson-SR US NAVY- (1930-1998)
50. James E. Jackson- SSGT US ARMY WW2- (1924-2002)
51. LaVern Jackson- USMARINE CORPS WW2- (1921-1981)
52. Max M Jackson- PFC USARMY WW2- (1911-1980)
53. Thomas Alvin Johnson-AOM3 US NAVY WW2- (1919-1988)
54. Otis Ray Jordan- SP4US ARMY- (1940-1993)
55. Harry Glenn Justice-US ARMY AIR CORPS WW2- (1921-1990)
56. Clifton R. Kanady, Army
57. Carl D. Keith, Marine Corps, Korea
58. Tellous Q. Kilgore, Army, WWII & Korea
59. Royce J. Kinnard, Navy, WWII
60. Edgar Truman Knight, Army, WWII
61. Benjamin Joseph Knighten, Army, Vietnam
62. Horace T. Lane, Army, WWI
63. Arldene Lasater, Army, WWII
64. Julian Ernest Lawrence - Army, WWII
65. Clifford Allen Leach, Army, WWII
66. J.D. Lee, Air Force
67. John Franklin Light, Army, WWII
68. Clyde E. Lovell, Army, WWI
69. John W. Lovell, Army, WWI
70. James Collins Maness, Army, WWI
71. Rex Mangum, Army Air Forces , WWII
72. Emery David Marenger, Army, WWII
73. Ira Dean Martin, Army, WWII
74. Lonnie Dean McCurry, Marine Corps
75. Charles Ray McDaniel, Army, Korea
76. James Elmer McDaniel, Army Air Corps, WWII
77. Lee Roy McDaniel, Army, WWII & Korea
78. W.M. Medford, Army, WWI
79. Jim Montgomery, Navy, WWII
80. Claude Dale Murray, Marine Corps, WWII
81. J.R. Foster Murray, Army, WWII
82. Jack Lavell Myers, Army, WWII
83. Walton Truett Norris, Army, WWII
84. Victor Ben Pack, Army, WWII
85. Wayne Wyatt Parson, Coast Guard, WWII
86. William Jack Parton, Navy, WWII
87. Lomer E. Phelps, Army, WWII
88. Jessie Z. Phillips,Jr., Navy, WWII
89. Billy C. Platter, Marine Corps, Korea
90. Charlie Lemuel Platter- ??, WWII
91. Earl Lane Platter, Army, WWII
92. Bonnie Barnett Poe, Army, WWI
93. Murle Ardis Porter, Army, WWII
94. Jesse Earl Powell, Navy, WWII
95. John Clinton Powell, Army
96. Kenneth H. Powell, Navy, Korea
97. Louis Elzie Powell, Navy, WWII
98. Raymond C. Powell, Navy, WWII
99. Larry Douglas Purdom, Air Force
100. L. Darrell Rasco, Army
101. Thomas Kenneth Redmond, Army, WWII
102. Luther Thomas Reese, Army, WWI
103. Gerald Henry Monroe Regian, Army, WWII
104. W. E. Reynolds, Army, WWII
105. Robert E. Richardson- Army, Vietnam
106. William Oscar Richardson, Army, WWI
107. Jessie W. Robinson, Army, WWII
108. Kenneth LaRoy Rogers- Army, Korea
109. Raymond E. Rogers, Navy, WWII
110. Clifford Okes Ross, Marine Corps, WWII
111. James Harvey Ross, Navy, WWII
112. Elbert R. Snodgrass, Army, WWI
113. Dewey Struck, ??,WWII
114. Robert Duane Struck, Marine Corps
115. Walter McKinley Stuart, Army Air Corps, WWII
116. Claude G. Stubblefield, Army, WWI
117. Willard Otwell Sutton- Army, Korea
118. George Weldon Tate, Army, WWII
119. Leslie Earl Tonn, Army, WWII
120. John Tracy, Jr., Army, Korea
121. David Wayne Tyrone, Army
122. Jackson W. Tyrone, Army
123. Willie Donald Tyrone- Marine Corps, Vietnam
124. Andrew ConwayUnderwood, Army, WWI
125. John T. Underwood, Army, WWII
126. Billy Wayne Vaughn, Marine Corps, WWII
127. Leaster G. Vaughn, Marine Corps, WWII
128. Dale Wayne Walker, Army Air Forces, WWII
129. Sam Houston Walker, Army, WWII
130. Gailon Other Warren, Navy, WWII
131. Robert D. Weeks, Army, WWII
132. Tolbert Dalton Whitehorn, Army, WWII
133. Hershel Edward Williams, Army, WWII
134. Charlie C. Wilson, Army, WWII
135. John Tindsley Wilson- Army, WWII
136. James R. Wood, Army, WWII
137. Bill W. Wyatt, Air Force, WWII & Korea
138. James W. Wyatt, Marine Corps
139. Lonzo D. Wyatt, Navy, WWII

Nimrod Cemetery -- south of Cisco Hwy 206, west on FM 569
1. Chester Lawrence Allen WWII Army
2. David L. Allen, Army, WWI
3. Joseph Wheeler Bachus, WWII Mil. Police
4. Stephen W. Bachus, Army, WWI
5. Ernest Eugene Bible WWII US Navy
6. Henry W Boles WWI INF 90 DIV
7. George D Brawley WWII Engineer
8. Joseph Daniel Brawley US Army
9. George Allen Brown US Navy
10. Edward M Callerman US AIR FORCE WWII
12. Rev Loy Barton Faubion US Navy Korea
13. Alfred E. Green World War II and Korea
14. Ervin Avon “Pete” Hammer US ARMY WWII
15. Steve Monroe Harwell US ARMY
16. Samuel Wallace Hedrick, Jr., Air Force
17. Richard Allen Horne, Army, Vietnam
18. Elmer Earl Ingram, Army, WWII
19. Sol A. Kanady, Army, WWII
20. Cyrel Fred Magnus, Army, WWII
21. Reuben Guy Marsh, Army, WWII
22. Alfred Boyd McCorkle, Army, WWII & Korea
23. David Delmar McCorkle- Navy, WWII
24. Jesse F.E. McCorkle, Army, WWII
25. Johnny Carl Miles, Army
26. Arthur Ray Moody, Air Force, WWII & Korea
27. Robert Lee Moon, Jr., Army, WWII
28. James Gray Notgrass, CSA
29. Wesley H. Owings, Army, WWII
30. William Marion Pennington, CSA
31. Hobert B. Pierce, Army, WWII
32. Kermit Earl Pierce, Army, WWII
33. Paul S. Poff, Army, WWII
34. Othell Watkins Reeves- Navy, WWII
35. Clarence Raymond Richter, Air Force
36. Fred W. Shafer, Army Air Corps, WWII
37. Raymond C. Smith, Navy, WWII
38. Elward E. Taylor, Army, WWII

Oakwood Cemetery -- Cisco
1. Gene William Abbott, Army, WWII
2. Oscar Monroe Abbott,Jr., Navy, WWII
3. James Dalton Adams, Navy, WWII
4. Joseph Bartholomew Adams, Army, WWII
5. Washington Howard Adkins, Army, WWII
6. Harold L. Adling, Navy, WWII
7. Estes Eugene Agnew, Navy, WWII
8. Norris B. Alexander, Navy, WWII
9. Adrian Royce Allen, Army Air Corps, WWII
10. Fred Harvey Allen, Army
11. James Calhoun Anderson- Navy, WWII (MIA)
12. Ronald J. Anderson, Navy, Vietnam
13. Troy Meredith Anderson- Navy, WWII
14. Clifton Virgil Andrews- Army; WWII, Korea, & Vietnam
15. Wade Edwin Andrews, Army, WWII
16. John Arthur Ash, Sr., Army, WWII
17. Enoch Thomas Autrey, Air Force, WWII & Korea
18. Clyde Aubrey Aycock, Army, WWI
19. Roy Lee Ayers, Navy, WWII
20. Billy Bacon, Jr., Navy, Korea
21. Richard W. Bacon, Air Force, WWII
22. Scott J. Bailey, Army, Korea
23. Alfred Calvin Baker, Army, WWI
24. Ronald Lee Baker, Navy, Korea
25. William C. Baker, Army Air Forces, WWII
26. D. Ball, Jr., Air Force
27. Clifford A. Barker, Army, WWI
28. N.P. Barnes, Air Force
29. Oscar Clinton Barnhill- Army, WWII
30. Billy A. Barron, Air Force, WWII
31. William Earl Barron, Navy, WWII
32. Mack W. Bean, Army
33. Robert Lee Beeks, Army, WWII
34. George M. Beene, Army, WWI
35. Frank Talmage Bell, Marine Corps, WWI
36. Robert Graham Bell, Air Force, Vietnam
37. William Benton Belyeu- Army, Korea
38. Bill Berry, Army,WWII
39. Billie Rex Berry, Marine Corps, Korea
40. Elmer Berry, Army,WWI
41. Robert Zane Bevers, Army, WWII
42. Julius Albertus Bibby- CSA
43. John Doyal Bilbey, Navy, WWII
44. John Aquila Bills, CSA?
45. Jesse W. Bisbee, Army, WWII
46. Lloyd E. Bisbee, Army, WWII
47. Ealy M. Black, Army, Air Force, National Guard
48. Geddes E. Black, Army, WWII
49. Billy Jack Blackstock, Navy, WWII
50. Bobby Edward Blackwell- Army, Korea
51. Arthur A. Blair, Army, WWI
52. David Stanton Bloomingdale, Navy, Vietnam
53. Brady Houston Boggs, Army, WWI
54. John H.W. Bomar, Jr. - Army, Vietnam
55. Grady C. Bond, Army, WWI
56. Allen Wallace Boon, Army Air Forces, WWII
57. Forrest J. Boone, Navy, WWII
58. Emery L. Booth, Army, WWII
59. Wilbur T. Booth, Army, WWII
60. William Hugh Boyd, Army, WWII
61. Robert Edwin Bradshaw- Army, WWII
62. James Monroe Bralley, Army, WWII
63. Oscar John Clifton Brawley, Army, WWII
64. William D. Brecheen, Jr., Army, WWII & Korea
65. Elza Brooks, Army
66. Cecil Ray Brown, Army, WWII
67. George W. Brown, Sr., Navy, Korea & Vietnam
68. James Orval Brown, Army, WWI
69. R.L. Brown, Army Air Corps, WWII
70. Byron Brooks Bryan, Army, WWI
71. Francis M. Bryan, Army Air Corps
72. James Henry Bryant, Army, WWII
73. William T. Bryan, Army Air Corps, WWII
74. Kendall Ray Bullard, Army, Vietnam
75. William R. Cabaness, Sr., Army, WWI
76. Roy B. Caldwell, Army, WWII
77. Harlon Hiram Callaway- Navy, WWII
78. James Laurance Callaway, Navy
79. James W. Callaway, Army, WWII
80. Max Everett Callaway, Army, Vietnam
81. Douglas W. Campbell, ?,WWII
82. Robert Colin Campbell- Army
83. Roy Selden Campbell, Navy, WWII
84. Charles Donald Cannistraci, Sr., Air Force, Vietnam
85. Aubrey G. Capers, Army, WWII
86. Edwin Woodrow Carlisle- Army, WWII
87. Glen Carr, Texas National Guard
88. J.D. Carr, Navy, WWII
89. Weldon H. Carroll, Army, WWII
90. Robert B. Carswell, CSA?
91. Robert B. Carswell, Air Force, Korea
92. Bransford L. Carter, Air Force, Korea & Vietnam
93. Truly H. Carter, Army, WWII
94. Walter Riley Carter, Army Air Forces, WWII
95. James Clinton Chambless, Army, Vietnam
96. Michael Raymond Cheshire, Army, Vietnam
97. Charlie Preston Chick- Student Army Training Corps
98. R.B. Childs, CSA?
99. Lorenzo Chriesman, Jr.- Navy, WWII
100. James Lee Christie, Army, Korea
101. Robert H. Christie, Marine Corps, WWII & Korea
102. Harold Glen Clark, Army, Korea
103. Keith Clark, Air Force
104. Charles Bruce Cleveland, Army
105. Earnest C. Cleveland- Marine Corps Reserve
106. Burk Allison Clifford- Army Air Corps, WWII
107. James R. Coats, Sr., Navy
108. Burnice Hoyle Coleman- Navy, Korea
109. Jack E. Coleman, Army, WWII
110. John David Conger, Army, WWII
111. Michael Rudolph Conner, Air Force
112. Fred Hood Cook, Army, WWI
113. Jasper Wilburn Cook, Army, WWII
114. Kenneth B. Cooper-Army, WWII
115. Sherman Monroe Coots- Marine Corps, Korea
116. Gilbert Paul Copeland- Coast Guard, WWII
117. James Edwin Cotton, Jr., Air Force, Korea
118. William Crane, ?,member of VFW and American Legion
119. Lonnie Crosby, ???
120. Jim W. Cummens, Marine Corps
121. Henry Hardin Curtis, Army, WWI
122. Howard Glenn D’Spain- Student Army Training Corps
123. Carroll Church Davis- Army, WWI
124. Charles U. Davis, Army, WWII
125. John Delbert Davis, Navy
126. Gwindle Gene Dawson, Navy
127. Michael Gene Dawson, Air Force, Vietnam
128. William Darwin Dawson- Army
129. Filmore C. Decker, Army, WWI
130. Kenneth Dale Deitiker- Army
131. James William Dennison, Army, WWI
132. Elbert R.D. Donham, Air Force, WWII
133. Robert Howell Donovan- Army, WWII
134. Homer Darvin Doyle, Army Air Corps, WWII
135. Donald Ray Dragoo, Army, Vietnam
136. Kenneth Wayne Duke, Navy
137. Lynn Echols, Army, Korea
138. Oscar Ellis Echols, Army, WWI
139. Jerry Morris Eckhart- Army
140. Kirby Clyde Eddleman- Army, WWII
141. James William Edwards- Army, WWII
142. Luther Dee Edwards, Army, Korea
143. Arthur D. Ellington, Army
144. Cecil Clay Elliott, Army, WWII
145. Charlie J. Elliott, Army, WWII
146. Dean S. Elliott, Army, WWII
147. Chester Harlan Elswick, Army, WWII
148. Milton M. Endebrock, Navy, Korea
149. Miles Eppler, CSA
150. Marshall O. Ervin, Army, WWII
151. Sherman Henry Ervin, Marine Corps, WWII
152. Lewis C. Etheridge, Army, WWI
153. J. Maurice Eudy, Sr.- ?, WWII
154. Albert Evans, Army, WWI
155. Otho Milton Evans, Jr., Army Air Force, WWII
156. Robert Reo Evans, National Guard
157. Truman C. Evans, Army, WWII
158. Warren Pate Everett, Army Air Forces, WWII
159. Billie Jack Exline, Army, Korea
160. Douglas H. Fairbanks, Sr., Army, Vietnam
161. Rex Neil Farley, Air Force, Korea
162. Franklin Dee Farnsworth, Navy, Vietnam
163. Major Powell Farnsworth, Jr., Navy, WWII
164. Stewart Mack Farquhar- Army, WWII
165. Esen A. Fields, Army, WWI
166. Russell Edward Fink, Air Force, Korea
167. Ralph Derr Flaherty, Navy, WWII
168. J.C. Fletcher, Navy, WWII
169. Joe Maria Flores, Army, Vietnam
170. James Monroe Fournoy- aviation cadet, killed in training
171. John Patrick Fogarty- Navy, Korea
172. Tillman L. Fonville, Army, WWII
173. Kenyon D. Foster, Air Force
174. William J. Foxworth, Air Force
175. Elbert Ross Franklin- Army, WWII
176. Zearl T. Franklin, Army, WWI
177. Vernon L. Frazier, Army, WWII
178. Will D. French, Army?, WWI
179. Rondle Gene Fry, Air Force
180. William Thomas Frye, Army, WWII
181. Charles Lee Funderburk, Army, WWI
182. David B. Gaines, Army, WWII
183. George N. Gallegos, Sr., Army, Korea
184. William George Garrison, CSA
185. Edmond A. Garverick, Army, WWI
186. Nicholas Garza, Navy, WWII
187. Roy L. George, Air Force, WWII
188. Ralph V. Glenn, Army Air Corps, WWII
189. James Arthur Gordon, Army, WWII
190. Troy Walton Gosnell, Army, WWII
191. Emmett Lemuel Graham, Jr. , Army
192. Emmett Lemuel Graham, Sr., Army, WWI
193. James E. Graham, Army, WWII
194. Roy Convl Graves, Army, WWI
195. John Dee Green, Army, WWI
196. Col. Orvie L. Green, ???
197. Zedekiah Washington Green, Army, WWI
198. Newton Hugh Greenhaw- Army, WWI
199. Merle LaVerle Gregg, Army Air Corps, WWII
200. Revis Gregg, Army, WWII
201. William Lewis Gregg, Army, WWI
202. Maurice Lee Grozier, Marine Corps, WWII
203. Willard H.Grozier, Marine Corps, WWII
204. Clyde W. Guthrie, Army, WWI
205. Robert D. Guthrie, Army, WWII
206. William Aquilla Guthrie, Army, WWII
207. Fred G. Guyger, Navy, WWII
208. Leonard E. Hageman, Army, WWII
209. James A. Hall, Army, WWII
210. Alfred Hamilton, Army
211. Glendon Lee Hamilton- Army, WWII
212. Howard Ray Hamilton, Navy
213. Robert A. Hammett, Army Air Corps, WWII
214. Clyde Theodore Haney- Army, WWI ???
215. Ralph S. Hanna, Army, WWII
216. James C. Hardage, Navy, Vietnam
217. A.W. Harris, Army, WWII
218. Delmas K. Harris, Army, WWII
219. John C. Harris, CSA?
220. Weldon Durwood Harris- Navy
221. Lewis Ray Harrison, Marine Corps, Vietnam
222. Roy Glen Hathaway, Army
223. Leo Albert Hatten, Army
224. Luther L. Hayes, Army, WWII
225. James Stephen Haney ???
226. Ernest L. Hazlewood, Student Army Training Corps
227. Ernest L. Hazlewood, Jr., Army, Korea
228. James Robert Heath, Marine Corps, Korea
229. Clarence C. Hendrick- Army, WWI
230. James Clarence Hendrix, Army, WWI
231. Thomas H. Henington, Army, WWI
232. Hiram Blair Hibbert, CSA
233. Walter Burette Hill, Army Air Corps??
234. Wiley C. Hittson, Sr.- Army, WWI
235. Arthur Carson Holdridge -Army, WWII
236. Abraham Holiby, Army, WWI
237. Ernest A. Hollander, Marine Corps, WWII
238. Ernest Holloway, Navy, WWII
239. Raymond Hounshell-Army Air Forces, WWII
240. Thomas E. House, Army, WWI
241. Leck Houston, Army
242. Daniel Cornelius Hoover, Army, WWII
243. Albert Lee Huddlestun- Marine Corps
244. Roy Burkett Huestis, Navy, WWII
245. William R. Huestis, Army, WWI
246. Ollie Andrew Hughes, Jr., Army, Vietnam
247. Pirtle Ivan Hunsaker-Army Air Forces, WWII
248. Jack Edgar Hunt, Army???
249. Curtis L. Hurst, Army, WWII
250. Willard David Hutton- Army, WWII & Korea
251. Edward Wayne Ikonen, Navy, WWII
252. Bobby Ray Ingram, Army
253. Calvin David Ingram, Army
254. Calvin Henry Ingram, Army, WWII
255. Bobby Glen Isbell, Navy
256. Owen Russell Ivie, Army, WWII
257. Frank Jenkins, Army, WWII
258. Henry Louis Jernigan- Army, WWII
259. Elmer Isaac Jobe, Army, WWI
260. Bobby Ray Johnson, Navy
261. Edwin L. Johnson, Army, WWII
262. Jack L. Johnson, Navy, WWII
263. Willard Lee Johnson, Navy, Vietnam
264. James W. Johnston, Army Air Corps, WWII; Air Force Reserve
265. Harold Gene Jones, Navy, Korea
266. Marshall H. Jones, Army, WWII
267. Arthur W. Jordan, Student Officer Training Corps
268. Delmas Samuel Justice- OK National Guard
269. Lawrence Dale Keeney- Air Force, Korea
270. Hubert Wilson Kennedy- Air Force, Korea & Vietnam
271. Jack D. Kennedy, Navy, WWII
272. Lloyd G. Kennedy, Army, WWII
273. John Henry Kilgore, Army
274. Milburn Leon Kincaid- Army, WWII
275. Dennis D. King, Army Air Forces, WWII
276. Robert Lee King, Navy
277. J.D. Kinsey, Army, WWI
278. Herbert Vernon Kirby- Marine Corps Res., WWII
279. Turner Seale Kisner, Army, WWII & Korea
280. John Hartman Kleiner- Army, WWI
281. Walton K. Knight, Army, WWII
282. Ernest Lee Laird, Army, WWI
283. Ira Lee Laird, Navy,WWII
284. William Dee Laird, Navy, Vietnam
285. Bradford Chase Landers, Army, Korea
286. Bascom Neil Lane, Navy, WWII
287. Leak Worthan Lane, Army, WWII
288. Orval Ray Latham, Army
289. Horace Marion Latson- Army, WWII
290. Frank R. Leach, Army, WWI
291. Lora Ann Maddox Lee, Navy
292. Louis Jasper Leech, Army, WWI
293. Andy Leflore, Army, WWII
294. James P. Linton, Army, WWII
295. R.P. Lisenbee- Army, WWII
296. Roy Robley Little, Navy, WWII
297. Ocie B. Livingston, Army, WWII
298. Otis Cody Lomax, Jr. - Navy,WWII
299. Seferino Lopez, Army, WWII
300. John W. Love, Army, WWII
301. Sidney Elton Love, Army, WWI
302. Obediah Henry Lovelady, CSA?
303. Paul Ames Lowery, Marine Corps
304. Thomas Edward Lucas, Army, WWI
305. Herman Ruel Maddox, Army, WWII
306. Sidney Lee Mahaney, Army, WWII
307. Peachy Brooks Malone- Cherokee Indian War?
308. W.E. Mancil, CSA
309. Cicero N. Marchman, CSA
310. Leonard Joe Marta, Marine Corps, Vietnam
311. Bobby Louis Mayes, Navy, Vietnam
312. James Wilburn Mayes, Jr., Navy, Vietnam
313. William C. Mayhew, CSA
314. Huch E. McAuley, Army, Korea
315. Hiram A. McCanlies, Jr., Army Reserve, WWII
316. Jack Edward McCanlies- Navy, WWII
317. Jerry M. McCanlies, Marine Corps
318. Jim Bob McCanlies, Navy, WWII
319. Benny Troy McCann, Navy, WWII
320. Jerome McCarty, Army, Spanish-American War
321. Billy C. McClelland, Marine Corps, Korea
322. James L. McCollum, Army, WWII
323. James Paris McCracken- Army, WWII
324. Kitty Z. McCracken, Navy, WWII
325. Standlee McCracken, Army, WWII
326. Theodore T. McDonald- Air Force, Korea
327. Willie O. McDonald, Sr., Army, WWI
328. Robert Jackson McGough, Air Force
329. Lloyd Dean McGrew, Army Air Corps, WWII
330. James F. McInturff, Army, WWI
331. John W. McKinney, Army, WWI
332. Minnis Milam McMichael, Army, WWI
333. John Calvin McMillin- Navy, WWII
334. George W. Meglasson, Army, WWII
335. Woodrow Wilson Meglasson, Army, WWII
336. Gerald Frank Merket, Army, Vietnam
337. Thomas Dominic Mertl- Army Air Forces, WWII & Korea
338. Carrol Michael, Navy, WWI
339. Albert F. Miller, Army, WWI
340. Coy L. Miller, Navy, WWII
341. Jourdan Harris Miller- Air Force, Vietnam
342. Lance B. Miller, Navy, WWII
343. Robert Garfield Mills- Marine Corps, Vietnam
344. Martin Van Mitchell, CSA
345. James Polk Montgomery- CSA
346. James R. Montgomery, Air Force, WWII
347. Joe Lea Moore, Navy, WWII
348. Rex Weller Moore, Army, WWI
349. Derward Morris, Navy
350. Eugene Guy Morris, Army, WWII
351. Max D. Morris, Army, WWII
352. Rufus Morris, Jr., Army, WWII
353. William H. Morris, CSA
354. Ransom Albert Mosley- CSA
355. Andrew C. Moudy, Army, WWI
356. Homer Harrison Murray- Navy, WWII
357. Donald David Nall, Army, WWI
358. Orville A. Nance, Army, WWI
359. Tandy K. Neal, CSA
360. Thomas W. Neel, CSA
361. John Coleman Nelms, Army, Korea
362. Lillard J. Nelms, Army, WWII
363. Conrad Anthony Neubauer, Army, WWII
364. Noah Scott New, Navy, WWII
365. Olin Otis Odom, Jr., Air Force?
366. Rolen Ogle, Army, WWII
367. Kurt Aksel Graathe Olsen, Navy, WWII
368. Vernon Etheridge Orr- Army, WWII
369. Jim Tom Osburn, Army, WWI
370. Steve A. Osburn, Jr.- Army Air Corps, WWII
371. Robert Lee Owens, Army Air Forces, WWII
372. Jack E. Page, Army, WWII
373. Charles Erwin Parker- Navy Reserve, WWII
374. George Parmer, CSA
375. Melvin M. Parmer, Army, WWI
376. James David Parten, Army
377. Crigler Paschall, Army, WWI
378. James C. Paschall, Air Force
379. Homer M. Patterson, Army, WWII
380. Edgar Clayton Pence, Army Air Corps, WWII
381. William Albert Pence- Army Air Corps, WWII
382. James Hurshull Penn, Army, WWII
383. David Blackshear Hamilton Perdue, CSA
384. Orville Odell Petty- Army, WWII
385. William Barton Philpott, Navy, WWII & Korea
386. George Oliver Pierce- Korea & Vietnam
387. Benny Clarence Pippen- Navy, Korea & Vietnam
388. Charles F. Pippen, Jr., Navy, WWII
389. William C. Pippen, Army, WWII
390. William Leroy Pippen- Army, WWI
391. Bernard O. Plumlee, Army Air Forces, WWII
392. Billy J. Pointer, Army, WWII
393. John Calvin Pool, Jr.- Air Force
394. Dee H. Powell, Army, WWII
395. Harold D. Prescott, Army, WWII
396. Charles Raymond Preston, Army, WWII
397. Walter Gay Preston, Army, Spanish American War
398. Walter Vaughn Preston- Army Air Forces, WWII
399. Billy Jack Price, Army, WWII
400. Billy Ray Pritchard, Army, WWII
401. Luther Pryor, Army, WWI
402. Jimmy Keith Puryear, Navy, Korea
403. Ellis Waddell Rains, Army, Korea
404. Jerry Don Rains, Navy
405. Charles H. Rawls, Jr.- Army
406. David Miles Reay, Air Force??
407. Francis Jackson Redford, Army; WWII, Korea, & Vietnam
408. Elvie J. Reed, Army, Korea
409. Horace Lee Reeve, Navy, WWII
410. Samuel Joseph Rener, Navy
411. Charles James Rice, Army, Korea
412. Richard Rickard, CSA
413. Walker Kenneth Riddle- Army Air Corps, WWII
414. J.J. Robertson, Army, WWII
415. Lynn A. Robertson, Army Air Corps, WWII
416. Aaron B. Robinson, CSA?
417. Thomas Alexander Rose- CSA?
418. Neil Ross, Air Force
419. J.D. Ruder, Army, WWII
420. George Edward Ruppert- Navy
421. Herbert Gerald Russ, Navy, Vietnam
422. Alfred L. Rutledge, Army, Spanish American War
423. Frank E. Sage, Army, WWI
424. Lloyd Glen Sawyers, Air Force
425. Rodney Lee Scarborough, Army
426. William D. Scarlet, Army, WWII
427. Harry Paul Schaefer, Sr., Army, WWI
428. Ronald Scheuren, Air Force, Vietnam
429. Edward A. Schlurpo, Army, WWII
430. Carl Dean Schuyler, Army, Vietnam
431. Harry E. Scott, Army, WWI
432. Robert B. Scott, Navy
433. William Bryan Seabourn, Army, WWI
434. Barey Lee Sellers, Marine Corps, Korea & Vietnam
435. Charles Steven Sharp- Air Force
436. Floyd Stanley Sharp, Army, WWII
437. Howard Shelton, Army, WWII
438. Troy L. Shelton, Army, Vietnam
439. Welbert Shelton, Army, WWII
440. Wiford G. Short, Army, WWII
441. George Crosswaite Simmons, Navy, WWII
442. Harold A. Simpson, Army, WWI
443. Stewart A. Slatton, Army, WWII
444. Thomas Blanton Smartt, Sr., Marine Corps, WWII
445. Clyde B. Smith, Jr., Army, Korea
446. Daniel J. Smith, Jr.- Army, WWII
447. Floyd J. Smith, Army, WWII
448. Fred David Smith, Army
449. Fred Kearby Smith, Jr., Army
450. Ralph C. Smith, Army
451. Ray Edward Smith, Marine Corps, WWII
452. Tom B. Smith, Army, WWII
453. William M. Smith, Army, WWI
454. Woodrow Wilson Smith- Army, WWII
455. James E. Smothers, Air Force; WWII, Korea, & Vietnam
456. Ed Snyder, Army?
457. Herman C. Sorrells, Jr., Army, WWII
458. Newton Joseph Sparks- Army, WWII
459. Oren Meritt Speegle, Navy, WWII
460. Joseph E. Spoon, Union Army
461. James L. Stafford, Army, WWII
462. Charlie B. Stanford, Army, WWII
463. Carroll W. Stansell, Navy, WWII
464. Charlie F. Stearns, Navy
465. Weldon A. Stinnett, Navy, WWII
466. William F. Stephens, Army Air Forces, WWII
467. William F. Stephens, Jr., Army, Vietnam
468. Charles H. Stephenson- Army, Vietnam
469. Edward Charles Stephenson, Army
470. G.D. Stephenson, Army, WWII
471. Harold M. Stephenson- Army, WWII
472. T.E. Stephenson, Army, WWII
473. Joseph William Stevens, Army
474. Troy T. Stewart, Army, WWII
475. Wilburn Brooks Stone- Marine Corps, WWII
476. Ira Gordon Strawn, Army, WWII
477. Norman Ray Strawn, Army?
478. Boyce W. Strickland, Army, WWII
479. Marvin Earl Strickland, Air Force, WWII & Korea
480. Carl W. Stroebel, Army, WWII
481. Archie D. Strother, Army Air Forces, WWII
482. Henry R.H. Stuard, Army, WWII & Korea
483. Henry William Sublett- CSA?
484. J.G. Sublett, Army, WWII
485. Michael John Sublett- Marine Corps, Vietnam
486. J.C. Sugg, Air Force, Korea
487. Billy Ray Swindle, Army, WWII
488. Luther Olas Swindle, Navy, WWII
489. John Joe Tableman, Army, WWI
490. Carl Henry Tabor, Air Force, Korea
491. Bud Tatom, Army, WWI
492. Jack Carter Taylor, Army, WWII
493. Rex Dale Taylor, Navy, WWII
494. Thomas M. Terry, Army, WWI
495. Clyde B. Thackerson, Army, WWII
496. Howard A. Thackerson- Army
497. Troy W. Thackerson, Navy, WWII
498. Arthur Silvester Lee Thetford, Army, WWI
499. Barrett Franklin Thomas, Navy, WWII
500. Brinley J. Thomas, Army, WWII
501. Clifford L. Thomas, Army Air Corps, WWII
502. Kessler Oliver Thomas- Army Air Corps/Air Forces?
503. Forrest Lee Thompson- Navy, WWII
504. Raymond Edward Thompson, Army, WWII
505. Herbert A. Thorman, Army, WWI
506. Edwin Herman Tonne, Army, WWI
507. Robert Lee Tonne, Army, WWII
508. Derlin E. Townsend, Army, WWII
509. Clifford J. Tucker, Army
510. Roland Ward Tullos, Navy
511. Clarence Sidney Turner, III, Army, Vietnam
512. Robert Eugene Turner- Army
513. Robert Lee Turner, Air Force; WWII, Korea, & Vietnam
514. Larry Roy Van Cleave- National Guard
515. Lester Byron Van Cleave, Army, WWII
516. William Gray Van Cleave, CSA
517. Edward Everett Van Eman, Jr., Navy, WWII
518. Salvador R. Vasilio, Army, WWII
519. Finis E. Walker, Army, WWI
520. Grady Elvis Walker, Coast Artillery Corps, WWII
521. Forbes Lee Wallace, Jr., Army, Vietnam
522. Calvin Andrew Wallen, Jr., Navy, Korea
523. J.C. Warnock, Army, WWII
524. John F. Waters, Sr., Army Air Forces, WWII
525. William Eugene Waters- Army, WWII
526. Oscar Thomas Weeks, Air Force, Korea & Vietnam
527. Leo W. Wells, Army, WWII
528. Dan John Wende, Army, WWI
529. Frederick David Wende- Army, WWII
530. Denver Charles West, Army, WWI
531. Ernest Whatley, Army Air Corps, WWII
532. Byron Barnett Wheat, Marine Corps, Korea
533. Joe T. Wheat, Army, WWII
534. Joe Douglas Wheatley- Army, Korea
535. Davey Lee Wheeler, Army, Vietnam
536. Bobby W. White, Marine Corps
537. Jerry Dee Whitehead, Army, Vietnam
538. Robert Monroe Whiteside, Jr., CSA
539. Delbert D. Williams, Army, WWII
540. Littleton Torney Williams, Army, WWI?
541. Oscar Raymond Williams, Army, WWI
542. Roy L. Williams, Army, WWI
543. Carl Perry Wilson, Army, WWI
544. J.D. Wilson, Army
545. Claude E. Winston, Army, WWI
546. Charlie B. Wood, Army Air Forces, WWI & WWII
547. George Holmes Wood, ?, Korea
548. William Lewis Wood, Navy, Vietnam
549. John L. Woods, CSA?
550. Paul Mason Woods, Student Army Training Corps
551. Hershel Glen Wooten, Navy, WWII
552. Alton G. Wright, Army, WWII
553. Paul Gerreald Yardley- Army, WWII
554. Claude Hale Yeager, Air Force; WWII, Korea, & Vietnam
555. Millard E. Young, Marine Corps, WWII
556. Jerry D. Yowell, Army, Vietnam

Owen-Lewis Cemetery -- private land
1. Jacob Talton Lewis, CSA

Pioneer Cemetery -- 5 miles east of Cross Plains Hwy 36
1. Christopher Columbus Acker, CSA
2. James D. Alexander, Jr.- Army, WWII
3. James D. Alexander, Sr.- Army WWI
4. Leonard “Gene” Atwood, Navy
5. Richard H. Brannon, Army, WWI
6. Bart C. Brown, Army, WWI
7. Curtis Parker Brown, Army, WWII
8. James Andrews Brown, CSA
9. Richard C. Brown, Army Air Forces, WWII
10. Joseph Daniel Bryson, Army, WWI
11. Thomas Watson Bryson, Students Army Training Corps Univ. of Texas until discharge
12. Amry Marshall Curry, CSA
13. Jimmy Wayne Dunn, Sr.- Army, Vietnam
14. Benjamin Douglas Eakin- Army
15. Johnny Wayne Easterling, Air Force, Vietnam
16. Edward B. Estes, CSA
17. Henry Elmer Falkner, Navy, WWII
18. Joe Howard Falkner, Navy
19. John Kelley Falkner, Army
20. Alton Neil Fleming, Army, WWII
21. George Ray Flippin, Army, WWII
22. Thomas A. Flippin, Marine Corps, WWII
23. William R. Flippin, Army, WWII
24. Lloyd Clinton Freeman- Army, WWII
25. Jesse M. Graves, Army, WWI
26. Hershel Raymond Griffith, Sr., Army, Korea
27. Delbert Bradley Hicks- Army
28. Francis Bryan Hughes, Army, WWI
29. Billy G. Jennings, Navy, Korea
30. Billy Wayne Jones, Army, Korea
31. Dolce Pate Jones, Sr.- Navy
32. Green Berry Kelly, CSA?
33. William M. Mann, CSA?
34. Sam H. Marshall, Army, WWI
35. Hubert Malcolm McCarty- Army?
36. Bobbie Lee McNeil, Army, Korea
37. Fredrick J. Miller, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force
38. Ralph Cleo Miller, Army, WWII
39. James V. Parks, Army, WWI
40. Eldon Auline Plumlee, Army Air Corps, WWII
41. William Noah Ross, Army
42. Robert Garland Smith, Navy, WWII
43. John (Jack) Stagner, CSA?
44. Clarence H. Stephens, Army, WWI
45. James H. Stephens, Army, WWII
46. W.C. Strickland, CSA?
47. Joel Darius Tipton, CSA?
48. John Freeman Tollerson, Jr., Navy, WWII
49. Leeman Underwood, Jr.- Navy
50. Fred Holt Webb, Army, WWII
51. Robert Lee Webb, Army, Vietnam
52. William Williams, Army of the Republic of Texas

Pioneer Cemetery (Ranger) -- inside Ranger city limits
1. Aden H. Boney, Army, WWI
2. Jack E. Davenport, Army, WWII
3. John Andrew Davenport, CSA?
4. Overton Fletcher Davenport, CSA?
5. Haden E. Eastland Sr., Army, WWII
6. Richard H. England, Army, WWII
7. Garland M. Harrison, Army, WWII
8. Acie O’Hara Hoover, Army, WWII
9. Andrew Jackson Pellum, CSA
10. James McClanahan Pitzer, CSA?
11. Charles Brooke Potts, CSA?
12. James Alfred White, CSA

Pisgah Cemetery -- south of Cisco Hwy 206, east on FM 1864, south on FM 569
1. William Russell Bell, Student Army Training Corps
2. Reagan Lanham Brown, Marine, WWII (2 Bronze Stars, 2 Defensive Clasps, Victory Medal)
3. Robert A Carr, CSA
4. Johnson Dingle, CSA?
5. John A. Knott, Coast Guard WWII
6. Vernon L. Leveridge, Army, WW1
7. William Munn, CSA?
8. JW Presley, Army
9. Alvis T.Ray, Navy, WWII
10. Lawrence Olen Thompson- Army WWII
11. R.E. Williams, Army, WWII

Pleasant Grove Cemetery -- south of Morton Valley CR 165 south
1. J.R. Allen, CSA?
2. William Travis Tankersley, CSA
3. Oliver Perry Webb, CSA
4. Lee Edward Wheat, Army, WWII

Pleasant Hill Cemetery -- west of Carbon FM 2526
1. Lawson Clinton Brown, Army, Korea
2. Gordon Stanley Clark, ?, WWII
3. Lonnie J. Coats, Navy, Vietnam
4. Ralph Charles Hagan, Jr., Navy, WWII
5. Robert E. Hageman, Army, WWI
6. Dalton Clyde hardin Sr.- Navy, Korea
7. Buster J. Hastings, Army Air Corps, WWII
8. Earnest Bryant Hastings- Army, WWI
9. Avery D. Holt, Army, WWII
10. Franklin R. Horton, Army
11. Edgar J. Kinard, Army
12. Roger Lynn Lamb, Texas National Guard
13. Leonard O. Langlitz, Army, WWI
14. T.C. Lockhart, CSA?
15. Charles H. O’Brien- CSA
16. Willis M. Parker, Air Force, WWII & Korea
17. Weldon C. Parks, Navy, Korea
18. Andrew Clifford Poe, Army Air Corps, WWII
19. Bobbie Joe Prickett, Army, Korea
20. William Ted Rogers, Navy, WWII
21. Willard W. Rumley, Army, WWII
22. Max L. Thomas, Army, Korea
23. John Eugene Townsend, Marine Corps, Korea
24. Benjamin Franklin Trott, CSA
25. Joe Donald Tucker, Air Force, WWII
26. Robert L. Tucker, Sr, Army, WWII
27. Earl Francis Wood, Marine Corps, WWII
28. Franklin J. Wood, Army, WWI
29. Frank J. Ziehr, Army, WWI

Pleasant Valley Cemetery -- CR 490 south off of I20 (Spur 490)
1. Clinton E. Hughes, Air Force, Korea
2. Willis M. Parker, Air Force, WWII
3. Leonard Green Tucker, CSA
4. Alexander Perron Wetherbee, Jr., Navy, WWII

Providence Cemetery
Located on south bank of Lake Leon -- accessible by boat
1. John Wesley Brashears, CSA

Reagan Cemetery
none found

Redeemer Lutheran Cemetery -- south of Cisco Hwy 183, west on CR 181, north on CR 169
1. Walter P. Kansteiner, Army, WWII
2. Park P. Plambeck, Army, WWII
3. Ernest Herman Reich, Army, WWII
4. Robert L. Speir, Army, WWII
5. Adolf Emil Stroebel, Army Air Forces, WWII
6. Alvin Paul Wende, Army, WWII
7. PVT Fritz William Wende- Army, WWI ?
8. Herbert E. Wende, Army, WWII
9. Carl Arthur Ziehr, Army
10. Herbert Rinhard Ziehr- Navy, WWII
11. Johnny W. Ziehr, Army Air Corps, WWII
12. William F. Ziehr, Army, WWI

Rising Star Cemetery
1. Gary B. Adams, Navy, WWII
2. Ervin F. Agnew, Army, WWII
3. Darrell R. Alexander, Army, Korea
4. Ethan A. Allen, Army, WWII
5. Luther M. Allen, Army, WWII
6. Elbrige D. Allgood, Army, WWII
7. Roy Armstrong, Army
8. James O. Arnold, Army, WWI
9. Marshall Wesley Bailey- Army Air Corps, WWII
10. Carl R. Baker, Navy, WWII
11. Lloyd Walton Baker, Air Force
12. Charles Dewey Ballew, Army, WWI
13. Charles Harrison Ballew, Army Reserve, WWII
14. Bernie Joe Barnes, Navy
15. James R. Barnes, Army
16. Roy Lee Barnes, Army, Korea
17. Jarrell Wesley Bishop- Air Force, Vietnam
18. Leslie Boase, Coast Artillery Corps, WWI
19. Paul O. Boase, Army, WWI
20. Geneva M. Bobeen, Army Air Corps, WWII
22. Joseph F. Bobeen, Army, WWI
23. William Sebastian Bowden, CSA deserter
24. R.D.Bowman, Army, WWII
25. General Weaver Boyd, Army, WWI
26. William J. Brigham, Union Army
27. Clyde H. Brooks, Army, WWI
28. George Washington Brooks, CSA
29. Alfred Braxton Burcham- Army Air Forces, WWII
30. Henry Vernon Burk, Army, WWII
31. Preston Burks, Army, WWI
32. J.C. Butler, Air Force
33. Cecil C. Cain, Army, WWII
34. Homer Cain, Army, WWII
35. Ennis Walter Camp, Army, WWI
36. Jack Ennis Camp, Air Force, Korea
37. John F. Canafax, Army, WWII
38. John Taylor Canafax, Army
39. Vernon Cannon, Army, WWII
40. Barney Cargile, Army, WWI
41. Wilson H. Carleton, Army
42. Kenneth Carr, Army, Korea
43. Charles M. Carroll, Navy, WWII
44. Truet Buckner Carroll- Navy, WWII
45. Wesley G. Carroll, Army, WWI
46. Oad D. Carver, Army, WWI
47. Dorothy L. Casey, Army, WWII
48. J.M. Casey, Army, WWII
49. Wilburn E. Caudle, Air Force
50. Paul A. Cawley, Army Air Forces, WWII
51. John Thomas Childers, Army, WWII
52. Victor A. Childers, Navy, WWII
53. William R. Childers, Army, WWII
54. Jim E. Christian, Army
55. Herman H. Claburn, Army, WWII
56. Carlton Clark, Army, WWII
57. Grady F. Clark, Navy, WWII
58. Oscar H. Clark, Army, WWI
59. William J. Clark, Army, WWII
60. Jack Wilton Cochran, Army, Korea
61. Joseph S.Cone, CSA
62. Carl C. Coohon, Army
63. James Fred Cook, Army, WWI
64. James Monroe Cooper, CSA
65. John J. Cooper, Navy, WWII
66. John Henry Courtney, Army, WWII
67. Josiah Green Cox, CSA
68. Ross Cox, Army, WWI
69. William Raymond Cox, Air Force, Korea
70. Tyler Loren Creamean, Army, Iraq
71. George Nolan Creech, Army
72. Raleigh Edward Darnell- Army, WWII
73. Willard J. Davis, Army
74. Calvin Ray Day, Army, Korea
75. James Houston Day, Army, WWI
76. William S. Day, Army, WWI
77. Elbert Duggan, Army, WWI
78. Rex Albert Dunlap, Army, WWII
79. M.B. Eason, Army, WWI
80. Robert Eichelberger, Army, WWII
81. Thomas B. Elliot, Army, WWII
82. Weldon Oscar Elliot, Army, WWII
83. Francis Marion Embrey- CSA
84. Francis James Evans, Marines, Vietnam
85. Richmond Thomas Ezzell- Navy, WWII
86. Carlton Ralph Fergason- Army
87. Oliver David Fergason- Navy, WWII
88. Robert Henry Ford, Army, WWII
89. Joe Wilburn Fraley,Jr., Air Force
90. Ross J. Fussell, Navy
91. Horace L. Geye, Navy, WWII
92. Malcolm McNeil Gibson- CSA
93. Clifford Garland Goss- Coast Guard
94. Cyrus T. Goss, Army, WWI
95. Garland Goss, Army, Vietnam
96. Mack Gibson Gray, Navy, WWII
97. Marvin Charles Green, Navy, WWII
98. Claud Griffin, Army, WWI
99. Wesley Raymond Hamer, Army
100. James Taylor Hammett- Army Air Forces, WWII
101. Allen Wayne Hanks, Army, Vietnam
102. Powell H. Harbour, Army, WWI
103. Minter Ray Hardin, Army, Korea
104. Orville W. Hardin, Army, WWII
105. Buck Duane Harrelson- Army
106. Julian Stencer Harvey- Army WWII
107. Thomas Seale Head, CSA
108. Earl J. Heflin, Army
109. Nathan R.A. Hellums, Army
110. Robert A. Henderson, Air Force
111. Melvin Melton Henson, Sr., Army, WWII
112. James Herbert Hester- Navy, WWII
113. Isaac Newton Hickman- Army, WWII
114. Roland Kenneth Hicks- Army, Vietnam
115. Curtis L. Hill, Army, WWII
116. Herbert Leroy Holamon- Army, WWII
117. James C. Honea, Army, WWI
118. James Benjamin Howard- Army, WWI
119. Lee V. Hughes, Army, WWII
120. Jesse J. Hull, CSA
121. J.W. Hunter, CSA
122. Bailey Smith Hutton, Navy, WWI
123. Don A. Jackson, Army, WWII
124. Doyle B. Jackson, Army, WWII
125. Marion W. Jacobs, Army, WWI
126. Hubert H. Jones, Army, WWI
127. Johnny Newton Jones, Army, Vietnam
128. Cecil Harris Joyce, Army, WWI
129. Benjamin Kent, Army, WWI
130. Smith Kent, Army, WWI
131. Henry LaVell Kinnion- Army, WWII
132. William Monroe King, CSA?
133. J.F. Kinsey, Army, Korea
134. Will A. Knight, Army, WWI
135. Harvey Kornegay, Navy, WWII
136. Regina M. Landreth, 2003 Army Air Forces Base Unit, WWII
137. Nelson C. Larkin, Army Air Forces, WWII
138. Sammie R. Lawson, Army
139. John W. Lee, Jr., Army, WWII
140. Garland Hogan Leonard- Navy, WWII
141. Willie D. Lewis, Army, WWII
142. Max D. Long, Marines, Korea
143. Walter Mack Looney, Air Force
144. Lee Roy Lyon, Air Force, WWII & Korea
145. Nimrod Franklin Markham, ???
146. Ancil Mack Martin, Navy, WWII
147. Robert C. Mayfield, Navy, WWI
148. Phil D. McCanlies, Marines, WWII
149. William T. Millhollon- Army, WWII
150. Newton Brown Montgomery, WWII draft registration card
151. Ben B. Morris, Army, WWI
152. B.H. Morris, Army, WWII
153. Billie Mercer Morris- Army, WWII
154. Columbus H.Morris, Army, WWI
155. Jesse W. Morris, Army, WWI
156. Daniel Rios Munguia, Air Force
157. Harley Edwin Nay, Army, WWI
158. Reuben Neal, Army, WWII
159. Clarence Aaron Nelson- Navy, WWII
160. Jackie Roger Nelson, Army, Vietnam
161. Marvin Eugen Norton, Army, WWII
162. Joe S. Nunnally, Army, WWII
163. John H. Nunnally, Sr.- Army, WWI
164. W.L. Nunnally, CSA
165. Herman R. Ogden, Army Air Forces, WWII
166. Selwyn A. Olive, Army, WWII
167. Johnny D. Owen, Army, WWII
168. Will E. Owens, Army, WWI
169. Claude H. Palmer, Army Air Forces, WWII
170. Edward E. Parker, Jr.- Army, WWI
171. Joe Kent Patterson, Army
172. Frankie Pendleton, Navy, Vietnam
173. Jesse Oran Perry, Navy, WWI
174. Walter Irwin Perry, Air Force, Korea
175. Dolton L. Phillips, Army Air Corps
176. William H. Pittman, CSA
177. Stanley Reston, Air Force, Korea
178. Isaac F. Reynolds, Army, WWII
179. William Curtis Rhone- Army, WWII
180. William A. Ridens, Army, WWI
181. John Weldon Roach -Army, WWII
182. Peter Patterson Roach- CSA
183. Plott W. Roach, Army, WWII
184. Flunoia Edward Roark- Air Force
185. Syble A. Roark, Army, WWII
186. Clark F. Roberds, Army Air Forces
187. Bobby Eugene Roberts- Navy, Korea
188. John Warring Long Robinson, CSA
189. Merle Wayne Rodden, Air Force, Vietnam
190. Floyd L. Rogers, Army, WWII
191. Frank Max Rose, ??? pictured in uniform
192. Charles Curtis Rutherford, Air Force, WWII
193. Isaac Polk Scarborough, CSA
194. Hudson Thea Schooley- Army, WWI
195. Doyle H. Seeber, Army
196. Melvin B. Shook, Army, WWI
197. Ashel Tyler Shults, Army, WWI
198. Cecil G. Shults, Army, WWI
199. Glen D. Shults, Army, WWII
200. Oval Robert Shults, Army, WWI
201. Elmon E. Simpson, Coast Guard
202. Ferdinand M. Simpson- Coast Guard, WWII
203. R.L. Smedley, Army Reserve
204. Charlie Lee Smith, Army, WWI
205. James Calvin Snider, Navy, Korea
206. Oran Wesley Snipes, Navy, WWII
207. John David Somerford- Army, WWII
208. Samuel Kemp Stafford- Army
209. Claude Albert Starkey- Army, WWII
210. Claudie E. Starkey, Army, WWII
211. J.W. Starkey, Jr., Army, Korea
212. Ray Jerome Stephenson- Army, WWII
213. John W. Stevens, Army, WWII
214. Alfred Lee Stone, Navy
215. Floyd Stovall, Army
216. Custer D. Swift, Army Air Forces, WWII
217. Luther Gayland Swift- Army, WWII
218. Horace S. Switzer, Army, WWI
219. Bill Taylor, Marines, WWII
220. Charles Wesley Terry- Army
221. Clyde Terry, Navy, WWII
222. Dave H. Tharp, Army, Korea
223. Howard Ted Tharp, Navy, WWII
224. Lawton V. Tharp, Army, WWII
225. Richard Haworth Thomas, Navy
226. James Charles Edgar Tune, Army, WWI
227. Floyd Carie Upton, Army, WWI
228. Charles W. Walker, Army, WWI
229. James Edward Walker, Sr., Army, WWII
230. Terry Dean Walker, Navy
231. Wesley Roger Walker, Air Force
232. Oliver John Wallace, Navy, WWII
233. Clifford Watkins, Army Air Forces, WWII
234. Ed Watkins, obituary states he was a veteran but doesn’t specify branch of service
235. Hilmer DeWitt Welch, Navy, WWII
236. Lane B. Wells, Army, WWII
237. Guy Westerman, Army, WWI
238. Oscar White, Army
239. Volley Joe Williams, Navy, WWII
240. Wilfred Benjamin Williams, Army, Korea
241. Frank Winchester, Army, WWII
242. Andrew Carl Wolf, Army, WWI
243. Frankie Leroy Woody, Army, WWII
244. Dennis Tipton Wrinkle- Navy, WWII

Romney Cemetery -- south of Cisco on Hwy 183
1. Colonel Robert Abbott, ??
2. Cecil Darwin Bostick, Army, Korea
3. Robert Kirk Bostick, Army
4. Terry Don Bostick, Army, Vietnam
5. Elmer Clark, Army, WWI
6. Herbert Neal Clark, Navy, WWII
7. James B. Clark, Army, WWII
8. John D. Clark, Army
9. Walter C. Denton, Army, WWII
10. Owen Aden Elmore, Air Force
11. Frank Carl Ford, Army Air Forces, WWII
12. Charlie H. Freeland, Army, WWII
13. John Freeland, Union Army
14. Harvey Allen Frye, Army
15. Hellen Maxine Golden, Army, Vietnam
16. Clyde D. Griffin, Army, WWII
17. John Martin Hambright, Sr., Navy & Army
18. John Ross Hatten, Navy, WWII
19. Aubrey Lee Hicks, Army, Korea
20. James Wiley Hines, CSA
21. Lowell Edward Hulsey, Army
22. Robert Charley Jones, Navy, WWII
23. Aubrey Keith Kinsey, Army
24. William Jackson Low, CSA
25. Archie L. Maynard, Army, WWII
26. Paul Franklin McClendon, Army, Korea
27. Billy Joe McKinnerney- Navy, Korea
28. Jessie Randolph McKinnerney, Army, WWII
29. Harold Thomas Mesecher- Army
30. Alvin Cameron Moore, Jr., Marines, Korea
31. John T. Munn, Army, WWI
32. Wiley Wayne Osborn, Marines, Vietnam
33. Macon Pipkin, Navy, WWII
34. Curtis T. Prestridge, Army, WWII
35. Pvt Payton Grady Ramsey, Army??
36. Emmett Lowell Rich, National Guard
37. Leones Rich, Army, WWII
38. V.C. Monroe Rich, Army, WWII
39. William Glen Stubbs, Army
40. Alvin Eugene Swan, Navy, WWII & Korea
41. Lloyd Ray Swindle, Army, Korea
42. Joe Ray Walker, Army, Vietnam
43. Charles Stacey Watson- Navy, Vietnam
44. Silas Whatley, Army, WWII & Korea
45. Fannie B. White, Army, WWII
46. John Newton White, CSA
47. Mack White, Marines, WWI
48. Gwyn Voy Wilks, Army, WWII

Romney Lutheran Cemetery -- south of Cisco Hwy 183 11.5 miles, east on 286
1. Edward H. Miller, Army
2. Norman H. Weiser, Army, Korea
3. Alton Albert Zander, Army, WWII

Sabanno Cemetery -- South of Cisco Hwy 206, north FM 569
1. Hubert Andrews, Army, WWII
2. William Gordon Bell, Navy, WWII
3. James L. Brown, CSA
4. Arthur L. Chamberlain, Army, WWII
5. Billy Joe Covington Sr.- Navy
6. Glenn Wesley Erwin, Navy, WWII
7. William Armstrong “Tip” Erwin, CSA
8. John Jackson Keith, CSA
9. Junior Ross Marsh, Air Force
10. Roscoe Emmons Marsh, ?, WWII (obit is not specific to branch)
11. Jerry Lynn Meador, Marines, Vietnam
12. George Washington Scott, Army, WWI
13. Benny F. Shaffner, Jr.- Army Air Corps, WWII
14. William N. Smoot, Army
15. James Harold “Jack” Thomas, Sr., Army, WWII
16. Burnie B. Townson, Army
17. Jess W. Underwood, Army
18. Manuel Parrish Wilcoxen, Army
19. James Robert Womack, Army, WWII
20. Howard E. Wood, Coast Artillery, WWII

Salt Tank Cemetery -- south of Cisco Hwy 183, west on FM 2731, south & west on CR 227, south on CR 254, east on CR 560
1. Orvil Lee Hopkins, Navy, WWII
2. Doctor David Pollock, CSA

Scranton Cemetery -- South of I20 on CR 136, west on CR 146, south on CR 147
1. Delma D. Abbott, ?
2. James P. Abbott, Army,WWII
3. Joe Shelbey Anderson, WWI
4. David Lee Applewhite, Navy, Vietnam
5. Roy E. Applewhite, Army
6. Roy Rankin Armstrong, Army, WWII
7. William E. Avery, WWI
8. William Thomas Avery, Navy, WWII
9. Edgar Alonzo Bailey, WWI
10. Joseph Shadrack Bailey- Navy, Korea
11. Lenin Debs Baird, Navy, WWII
12. James C. Bentley, Army, WWII
13. Rufus A. Carr, Army Air Forces, WWII
14. Floyd Isaac Clifton, Army, WWII
15. Albert Lee Davis, died at Dallas VA hospital
16. Alan Wayne Dunagan, Army, Vietnam
17. Billy Ray Franklin, Army, Vietnam
18. Arthur L. Gattis, Army, WWI
19. Nelson Harlan Geist, Army, WWII
20. Albert Woodrow Hill, Navy, WWII
21. Autry N. Holder- Army, WWII
22. Lewis E. Horn, Army, WWII
23. Samuel Hull, CSA
24. Dalworth J. Jobe, Army, WWII
25. Don Jobe, Army, Korea
26. William S. Jobe Jr., Army Air Corps & Air Force
27. Melvin Ray Johnson, Army
28. Norman A. Johnson, Army, WWI
29. James Henry Jones, ?
30. Walter Silas King, Air Force, Korea
31. Harold Lloyd Ledbetter- Navy, WWII
32. Brady Tilllman Leveridge, Marines, WWI
33. George W. McCulloch, Army, WWII
34. Teddy Wayne McCulloch- Army National Guard
35. James R. Morgan, Army, WWII
36. Bennie J. O’Brien- Army, Vietnam
37. Gerald Weldon Parks, Army, WWII
38. Melvin B. Payne, Army, WWII
39. Melvin Rondall Payne, Air Force, Vietnam
40. John Jackson Pounds, CSA
41. John David Ray, Army, Vietnam
42. Morrell Herman Ray, Air Force, Korea & Vietnam
43. Van L. Reid, Navy, WWII
44. Donald Eugene Rhyne, Army
45. James William Rhyne, Navy, WWII
46. Alfred Ray Rogers, Army, Vietnam
47. Joseph R. Rosar, Army Air Corps, WWII
48. William Arvil Rutledge, Jr., Marines, WWII
49. Hugh Edgar Shrader, Army, Korea
50. Jackson P. Shrader, Army, WWII
51. Marvin R. Snoddy, Army, WWII
52. James Douglas Speegle- Air Force, Vietnam
53. Robert Bruce Speegle, Army
54. William David Speegle- Navy, Korea
55. Robert Claridge Starr- Coast Guard, WWII
56. John Dennis Stell, CSA
57. Gradie C. Tarver, Army, WWi
58. Roland Howard Taylor, Air Force
59. George E. Weed, Army, WWII
60. Lewis Milton Weed, Army (Lewis Milton Weed was cremated and his ashes are buried between his parents Will and Serepta Weed. He has no marker.)

Simpson Cemetery -- 1 mile north of Kokomo CR 300
1. George E. Bennett, Army, WWII
2. George F. Bennett, Army, WWI
3. Carl A. Bradshaw, Army
4. Garland Lee Bridgewater- Army
5. George Wesley Casey, Army, WWII
6. D.B. Crawley, Army, WWII
7. Harlen Day Crawley, Army, WWII
8. Jack Boyd Crawley, Air Force, WWII
9. Jimmie Don Dorsett, Air Force, Korea
10. Delmon Fred Eaves, Army, Korea
11. Fred Cyras Eaves, Army, WWI
12. Neil Bartlett Eaves, Army, WWII
13. Lewis Fagan, Army, WWII
14. Benjamin F. Flynn, Army, WWII
15. David Joel Gibbs, Army, Vietnam
16. William W. Gideon, CSA
17. A.J. Goates, Army, WWII
18. Albert W. Hendricks, Army, WWII
19. William M. Hugg, Army, WWI
20. Glenn Otho Jordan, Army, WWII
21. Thomas A. Jumper, CSA
22. Roice Earl Little, Army, Korea
23. Robert Howard Martin, Sr., Air Force, Korea
24. Nathan E. Mearce, Army, Korea
25. Robert Henry Murray, Marine Corps, WWI
26. Arnold C. Nelson, Navy, WWII
27. Joseph W. O’Neal, Jr., Air Force, Korea
28. Orville L. Pollard, Army
29. Pleas D. Reneau, Jr., Air Force, Korea
30. Boyd Dell Reynolds, Air Force, Korea
31. Denny R. Reynolds, Army, WWII
32. Edgar E. Reynolds, Army, WWII
33. Henry Alvis Scitern, Army, WWII
34. J.J. Scott, Air Force, Korea
35. Herman D. Sessum, Army Air Forces, WWII
36. Bobby E. Shugart, Air Force
37. Charlie Robert Shugart- Army, WWII
38. Delmer Gene Shugart, Army, Korea
39. Eddie Wayne Shugart, Army, Vietnam
40. Thomas Martin Shugart- CSA?
41. Esker A. Singleton, Army
42. Winfred E. Treadway, Army, WWII
43. Lum Tuggle, Army, WWI
44. Daniel Lafayette Welch- CSA
45. Larry Don Wharton, Marine Corps Reserve, National Guard Reserve, Air Force Reserve
46. James Wilbourne Wood, Army, Korea

Simpson Family Cemetery (Gorman)
1. Bryan Lee Johnson, Army, Korea

Staff Cemetery -- CR237 Lake Leon
1. H.L. “Slim” Cox, Army, Korea
2. James Clepper Everett, comment on page thanking him for his service
3. Sam Wesley Garrett, Army WWII
4. Bobby Adron Hallum, Army
5. John Anson Little, Army WWII
6. James Harold Shoemake, Navy
7. Homer Calvin Wood, Korea
8. Harold Preston Yarbrough, Air Force

Tudor Cemetery -- south of I20 Tudor Road
1. Frank Archibald Kitchens, Navy WWII
2. Efton Ray Sims & Robert Louis Sims, possibly killed in WWI?
3. Nicholas Francis Marion Tuder, CSA
4. James Wooton, CSA

Wayside Cemetery -- South of Cisco on Hwy 183, west on FM 2731, north on CR 210
1. Willie Earl Alexander, Navy, Vietnam
2. Gerald D. Dawkins, Army, WWII
3. Arthur “Art” Foster, US Army Reserve
4. William E. Gardner, Navy, WWII
5. William Ivery Hunt, Army WWII

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