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Welcome! Howdy and thank you for visiting the Heart of Texas Veterans Memorial. We are trying to get a listing, for every Heart of Texas veteran.  The listings we have started are from these counties; Brown, Callahan, Coleman, Comanche, Eastland, McCulloch, Mills, San Saba. Our apologies for any errors or omissions. So, if you know of a veteran of a Heart of Texas County that is missed or an error, please send the information to one of the emails below.

The Mission is to honor our veterans with respectful remembrances in memoriam. Freedom is not free. It takes military equipment, and we have the best on Earth, and it takes men and women to operate it. War, conflict, and challenges are won on the human level by brave men and women willing to give their all for God and America. We seek to educate future Americans to fully appreciate the sacrifices that generations of Veterans have made to safeguard the freedoms of the United States. It is like this:
I sum up the value of our project with this one comment from a former Camp 17 POW. After having received a letter from the students, he wrote, in part...
"Until I received your letter, I had given up hope that anyone cared."
As I continue this work, to the best of my ability, I will not let another ever believe "no one cared."
Linda Dahl Weeks

My sentiments exactly. Lest WE Forget.
The memorial is not a governmental agency. We are a not-for-profit organization and we depend on funds from donations and personal grants for support.

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Danny Jones
Brownwood, Brown, Texas, USA
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